Rose Milk Popsicles | Popsicle Recipe

This is my first Popsicle recipe i post in my blog I have made many but did not post.As kids are in vacation mainly my son keep on asking me to do pink ice for him so I decided made and clicked,they finished it in a day.

Preparation time:nill
cooking time:10 mins
freezing time: 3-6 hrs


  • Milk-2 cups
  • Sugar-2 to 3 tbsp(adjust)
  • Rose milk essence-2 tsp(adjust)


1.Boil the milk and let it reduce a bit.Add in sugar and rose milk essence and milk well.

2.Cool a bit and pour it in to Popsicle mould  and freeze it in the freezer.When it is set keep it under the running tap water and remove the ice from it.

Easy rosemilk kuchi ice is ready to treat the kids.


1.Adjust the sugar level according to ur taste.Let it be little more than normal b'coz when we freeze the level will decrease.

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