PANEER BUTTER MASALA | Side dish for roti/ chapathi

paneer butter masala

Mostly we order this paneer butter masala when we go for restaurant as its my daughter's favourite.For the people who don't about paneer,its nothing but Indian cottage cheese prepared by curdling the milk.Check here how to make it.I mostly make it but never blogged about it for a change i decided to click picture and write about it.Each one may have their own version.This is mine and sorry for the poor pictures.

Homemade Chocolate | Easy method

Today's recipe is chocolate ,yes home made easy chocolate.I had 1\2 tin condensed  milk left after i made my mango ice cream.I was searching what to do with it and ends up making this yummy chocolate.

Cornflakes Mixture/Chivda | Easy Snack

corn flakes mixture

Cornflakes mixture is so easy to make  at home.If you have  any left over cornflakes cereal in your house then try this yummy mixture for tea time snack i bet its very addictive and one will finish it off.

Microwaved Eggless Chocolate Brownies | Eggless Baking

Microwaved eggless brownies

Last week one day i was craving to eat something chocolaty but nothing was in house decided why not bake a brownies to eat but baking needs time ,googled and decided to go with microwaved version of eggless brownies.

Healthy Dates Muffins | Eggless and Butterless

dates muffins

Having  kids at home i search for after school snacks for them.For a long time some dates were left in my pantry ,kids refused to eat it so i made this muffins.

Ginger candy | Inji Mittai | Inji Murappa Recipe

This candy one can find in almost all bus depot in Tamilnadu and in railway station.This helps in digestion after a heavy meal.Some people have vomiting felling while travelling in buses and this mittai prevent it.My brother asked to make this for him and i made.I followed the recipe from here

Plain Salna | Tomato Salna | Side dish for Parotta,Idiyappam

Plain Salna | Tomato Salna | Side dish for Parotta,Idiyappam

Plain Salna with step by step pictures.
This recipe is my recent invent a day i bought ready-made parotta and tried this easy salna recipe. After tasting it my daughter said its same the one we get in the roadside hotel as a side dish for also use it as a side for idiyappam( string hopper).

Homemade Badam Mix | Easy Badam /Almond Mix Recipe

badam mix

I want my kids to eat badam but they refuse to do so and i was soo worried .Tried many ways but no ise at last i decided to make this mix and give them  as my daughter love a brand's badam mix.Try this and give almond meal daily.

Eggless Conches ,Mexican Sweet Bread | Eggless Baking

For may month eggless baking groupGayathiri suggested this Mexican sweet bread which looks like a shell with a biscuit crust on top.The original recipe uses natural colours for topping but i used cocoa for few and artificial pink food colour for others.

Naan Recipe | Stove Top Method

Naan is usually loved by everyone that too with paneer butter masala means Oh! no words awesome.Making it is very easy here i have made it in gas you can also make it in oven.

Eggless Gulkand/Rose petal preserve Ice cream | Ice cream recipe without ice cream maker | Summer special

As i have said earlier after my preparation of gulkand my first experiment it was this yummy ice cream .This ice cream has an unique aroma which i love the most.Its so easy too.