Mooli Paratha | Radish Paratha | Video recipe

mooli /radish paratha

My kiddos love chapathi/Indian flat bread much and we love to have with any veg/non-veg gravy.Its very difficult to make my son eat vegetable i manage some how.Since he love chapathi i decided to make this as it has veggie in it,he too loved it and i am very much satisfied as he ate a vegetable too.

Banana Brownies -Eggless | Quick and easy one

If you have left over or over riped banana confused what to do with it then try this brownies absolutely yummy and delicious.I too was left with 3 over riped banana with no further delay i made this brownies when i saw it here.

Dates Kheer | Payasam Variety

Dates Kheer

Festivals are incomplete without a sweet and i make them in all festivals no matter what religion it is. Since i have a sweet tooth need to say and here comes an easy Dates/Khajur  kheer.

Easy Garlic pasta | Dinner Recipe

Searching for quick and easy dinner idea then pasta will be the one.In this i have used only capsicum you can go with other veggies too.Here i used coloured one to attract kids you can any variety.

Custard Powder Halwa | 2nd Blog Anniversary

custard powder halwa

Custard powder halwa with step by step pictures.

Just 2 years back on this same day I started this blog  and I can't realize that two years have passed, yes time flies. Started the blog just like that not knowing any techniques in it at first which I find it very difficult for each and everything simply I googled even for basic ones. But now I can't say I am fully professional in all things yet to learn but I have studied many things.

Baked Channa Dal | Healthy Recipe | Haldiram's style

Mostly of us like to munch fried snacks for evening tea/coffee but its not advisable to eat daily so decided to bake Make it and enjoy with tea.

Whole Moong Dal masala | Side Dish for Roti/Naan

moong dal whole masala

As i have said earlier now i have variety of side dish for Roti/Indian flat bread and this is one such.We all know green (whole moong ) dal is very rich in proteins and fibre and very healthy too.I just love to eat  the cooked one with  some sugar and grated coconut.But for change i tried this it was very tasty.

Apple Lapsi | Apple and daliya halwa | Rajathani Lapsi

apple lapsi

I really have a very big sweet tooth i could eat sweet anytime any where.Some time often i make them and my daughter warns me not to eat more.when i saw this lapsi recipe in priya's blog i decided to make since i had apple.I enjoyed it well , when chilled.

Colourful Capsicum Rice | Left Over Rice Recipe | Lunch Box Ideas

capsicum rice

Looking for lunch box ideas for kids then try this easy colourful capsicum rice.Yummy and sure kids will love it.

Mirch Ka Salan - Hyderabadi Special

Mirch ka salan

As you says the word mirch/chilly one can guess the hot in it and salan with it you may think it would be hot but to reduce the hot we have use coconut,peanut ans sesame seeds.Its a great side for the Hyderabadi Biryani but i try to use it for roti yet it tasted awesome.

Baked Potato Wedges | Healthy Potato Fry

My son loves french fries a lot he can eat them at anytime but i don't make this always at home .To avoid deep opt this healthy baked method.

Ragi-Banana Muffins | Eggless & Sugarless

I always making some new snack variety to give my kids when they return home after school.First with juice/milk shake then with some solid one.This also i made as snack for them,seeing the colour i said my son its chocolate  cup cake ,he just love it.

Mango Phirni | Easy Mango Dessert

mango phrini

Are you tried/not willing to cook then here comes a new way,just log into Foodpanda and order your food ,it will be delivered to you within 40 mins.There  are wide variety to choose from North Indian foods,South Indian dishes and many other continental dishes too.They have over 3500 restaurant to choose from.Just download their app in your smart phone and check in for many deals .Now coming to this recipe is such a easy and tasty dessert in  few minutes.

Chicken Kurma | Easy Chicken Recipe

chicken kurma

This is the one which i made to accomplish the chickpeas pulao which  i made one Sunday.It was mild spicy,tasty  and easy to make though the ingredients lists long.Thank you priya for the recipe.

Ghugni/DriedPeas Chaat | Bengali Street Food

We all love chaat items think most of you agree with it and this peas chaat is one of the famous street food in Bengal. You can have it as such or eat as side for roti/appam.

Bread Pizza | Easy Pizza Recipe | Kids Snack Ideas

Bread pizza

Today i share an easy and quick pizza variety yes its bread pizza.I was left with a packet of mozzarella (pizza cheese) at my fridge.I actually brought to try some cakes with it but when i had some colourful bell peppers i changed my mind and made this quick pizza i also made another one addictive snack recipe with the cheese ,want to know what stay tuned i will post as early as possible.

Low Fat Mango Fool | Eggless Mango dessert

mango fool

If you are looking for quick,easy and low fat version of mango dessert then this is the one.While i was making this my daughter said  Ma,don't experiment with curd,how its going to be but when i made and refrigerate it ,she licked it,loved its taste and finished it off with a spoon left for me.Thank u priya for this yummy dessert.

Chickpeas /Channa Pulao | Easy Lunch Box

I love to make different rice variety and this one such i made when i saw it here.This was our last Sunday lunch which we had it with chicken absolutely yummy.This can also be packed for lunch box.

Grape Popsicle | Popsicle Recipe

grape popsicle

I know i am posting it late by now in some part its summer to decided to do.For good coloured grape popsicle choose Black grapes not like the one i have used other than that its very very easy to make.

Eggless Kulkuls | Goan Christmas Sweet Recipe


Kulkuls is a goan Christmas sweet  which is hard outside and soft inside.Its very difficult to a make my toddler son eat a food/sweet.If somehow i manage to give a piece to test it taste & if he likes it he will  be going on asking for it.Like wise yesterday when i gave this a piece first he liked it  and asked for more.Thank you priya for the detailed post and the recipe.

Onion / Kanda Poha | Healthy Breakfast

Poha/Flattened rice is an easy and healthy breakfast  which can also be had as snack.This can be has as sweet or savoury but i love it as sweet.This one i tried from here.

No Bake Mango Cheese Cake | Mango Recipe

no bake mango cheese cake

Before writing this post i must write few lines, to make no bake version  one need to spring form pan( base removable one) but i don't have it.and i don't want to go with individual serving method of it.After checking many sites went it way.Since i used butter paper my edges were not smooth.So please bear with it.Another thing cream cheese is not available in all departmental stores near so i opted to go with homemade paneer and a tsp of fresh yogurt.

My long wish to make this chesse cake came true yesterday.Since its raining mangoes @home i decided to make it.With nothing more lets go on to the recipe.

Chettinad Pavakai Kuzhambu | Kuzhambu recipe

pavakai kuzhambu

Seriously i don't like this pavakai i don't even buy this vegetable often. But last week i just bought quarter kg of it thought to make fry with it.Then while  going through blogs i decided to try this chettinad style kuzhambu from here.

Eggless Hungarian Kiffles/Kipkels | Eggless Baking group challenge

For June month gayathiri suggested this sweet bread of Hungary for the Eggless Baking group.For eggless version i just used sour curd.I made just a small batch if it mini breads which just goes for only a mouth.

Bread Bhaji / Bread Pakora | Easy Snack Recipe

Wandering what to do for kids when they return home in evening ,like me, then try this easy bread bhaji if you are left with some bread pieces.My kids love bhaji lots so they liked this too.I just shallow fried them if u prefer you can go for deep fry.