No Bake Mango Cheese Cake | Mango Recipe

no bake mango cheese cake

Before writing this post i must write few lines, to make no bake version  one need to spring form pan( base removable one) but i don't have it.and i don't want to go with individual serving method of it.After checking many sites went it way.Since i used butter paper my edges were not smooth.So please bear with it.Another thing cream cheese is not available in all departmental stores near so i opted to go with homemade paneer and a tsp of fresh yogurt.

My long wish to make this chesse cake came true yesterday.Since its raining mangoes @home i decided to make it.With nothing more lets go on to the recipe.

Preparation time:under 30 mins
Cooking time:under 10 mins


  • Biscuit- 1 full packet(12 -15 pieces)( i used cracker biscuit)
  • Butter- 2 tbsp
  • Mango-1 big(  Banganapalli type)
  • Homemade paneer -from 1\2 litre milk
  • fresh curd-1 tbsp
  • Sugar-2 tsp
  • China grass/agar agar-5 gm
  • Water


1.Peel the mango ,chop into pieces and make blend well to make puree.(don't add water).In another dry mixer add biscuit and make fine powder.

2.Dissolve china grass in 1\2 cup water and cook till it dissolve then switch off.Add the mango puree to it .mix well.

3.In the same mixer add in paneer,sugar and  blend well to form creamy cheese.Transfer it to bowl.Add half of the mango-agar agar  to the paneer mix and mix well(be fast as till be setting).

4.Take the round mould line it with butter paper.Add the powdered biscuit in bowl.Melt butter ,add in to it mix well.Line a layer of it in the pan and keep in fridge for some time.

5.Then add the paneer -mango mix and spread a layer.And on top  layer of pure mango agar mix and spread well.

Refrigerate for some time  ,demould,cut and serve chilled.


1.Add more butter while making the  crust, since i added less it was  not firm.I think you ca add some honey too.

2.Also add some sugar while blending mango though it was sweet after setting it was not so.

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