My Natural Beauty Tips | Homemade remedies for Natural Beauty

As a women /girl we all love to be beauty and to look beautiful all time.For this we spent a lot in beauty products but is that bring out the beauty ? what do you say ,i 'll say NO.Its waste to put money in it and it end with some more problems on our skin.I mostly prefer natural home products for my beauty.Our kitchen pantry is loaded with beauty ingredients.

Kumbakonam Kadappa Recipe | Side Dish For Idli , Dosa

kumbakonam kadappa

For  idli / dosa we mainly make chutney or sambar or both.As a blogger i want to try all variety of side dish for it so came up with easy and yummy one from kumbakonam.Its not spicy so it very apt for young kids too.This can also be used for poori/puri.

Sweet Corn Capsicum sandwich | Easy Lunch Box Ideas

corn capsicum sandwich

My kids started to love sandwich for breakfast/dinner and me to enjoying to make variety in it.When i got a pack of fresh sweet corn kernels it decided to do  this sandwich for them which was a super doper hit.Here i have used only green colour capsicum to make more colourful use all colour if available in your pantry.

Kadai Mushroom | Mushroom Recipe | Side dish for Roti / Naan

The only mushroom recipe in my space is  Mushroom biryani  so decided to do some more recipes with it and post.So i bought this yesterday i prepared it my daughter who is  the foodie and best critic for my recipe was longing to have it once i finished.Since she was in hurry yesterday we were forced to eat out dinner at 7.30 p.m. else around nine we usually have supper.Believe me it was super tasty and my D licked the dish too(no need to wash it LOL).Do try it once.

Beef Masala | Spicy Indian Beef Masala

Beef is our family favourite but i buy them very rare but at least once a month.It makes a best side for bread,aapam,idli/dosa,idiyappam,roti/chapathi and even rice yes its so versatile can use for any side.I use to buy  a tender version(veal) of it.My mother makes the best beef curry but i am not lucky to eat more from here as she lives in our heart only,miss u amma.

Butter Pulao | Pulao without Vegetable | Rice Variety

Today i share a simple and easy rice variety which comes in handy when your are left with no vegetables.Its very easy too and can be given to kids for lunch box also.With no much explanation lets go to the recipe.

Garlic Cheese Crackers | Easy Crackers Recipe

If you are a regular reader then you would have read in my bread pizza post where i mentioned ,a  addictive snack is made with the remaining cheese  which is nothing but this garlic cheese crackers.Yes its very addictive if you munch some if tempts for more so be caution.I adapted this recipe from here with slight changes.

Paal Ice | Milk Popsicles

I hope as we adults must have tasted this paal/milk ice at least one in our childhood days.I just love the creamy milk which just refresh us as i write my mouth is watering.I want to make this  for  my kids so when i got another Popsicle mould i decided to make.Its so easy why not you try once.

Semiya/Vermicelli Khichadi | Semiya in mixed Vegetable | Easy Breakfast

semiya khichadi

I love any recipe with semiya i am fond of it from my childhood.I have not attempted to give it to my kids.Today for breakfast i want them to have it so made and gave it , they too loved it.Simple and healthy one pot dish.

Tricolour Cupcakes- Eggless and Microwaved | Independence Day special

Another virtual treat for Independence day which is nothing but a tricolour cup cake which is micro waved.For a long time i want to bake rainbow cupcake but it some how gets postponing today suddenly i decided to bake this and did.Hope will do my rainbow cake too soon.

Tri colour Peda | Independence day Sweet treat

I am so glad as today since to day is our Independence Day i am really proud to be an Indian.To celebrate this victorious day i am here to share a sweet recipe with you which i tried from here.That too with microwave its done in jiffy.

Zucchini Brownies | Eggless & Butterless Brownies

I bought a pair of zucchini to try my hands on baking with it after googling many recipes i got up with easy brownies from here.

Easy Crab Curry | Spicy Nandu Kuzhambu | Crab Recipe

If you are a sea food lover then this post is for you.yes its nandu kuzhambu.Honestly speaking  i have never  tasted or ate nandu before marriage as my mum always give us  sea food that was without thorns.But life changed after marriage.My H eats all sea food variety and i too got caught in it.But to too eat crab one needs more time for breaking the shells but my sweet H do this for me i just eat the flesh(he cooks it also).Yesterday i tried my hand to make it and it was soooo yummy and i have decided to make it often.

Tricolor Mini Idli | Breakfast Recipe | Independence day special

As Independence day is nearing i want to try tricolour themed recipes which i got influenced last year when saw many bloggers did.When i went for grocery shopping i bought this mini idli plate and tried this tri colour mini idli.Nothing so special just  made tomato chutney ,coriander chutney mixed some portion of batter and steamed it.

Saturday Snapshot Series #SS1

As a food blogger  i have to give a clear and decent picture of my food.But at first i found it very very difficult to take good snaps sometimes i used flash which made my photo horrible.But now i have just learnt a small step in it and want to explore more in it so i joined this series when shwetha and siri announced about it.

Bitter gourd Coconut gravy | Pavakkai Pitlai

My love for pavakkai/ bitter gourd is growing day by day after trying my pavakkai kuhambu from priya's space.This to tasted  too good with the goodness of protein in it.Thanks priya for sharing such healthy recipes truly these will be made often in my kitchen.

Paneer/Indian Cottage Chesse Balls | Paneer Kofta Balls | Snack Recipe

paneer kofta balls

 I love to try different snack to feed my hungry kids in the evenings and this is one such which i made yesterday.It was tasty,easy and can be prepared quickly.Thanks priya for this wonderful snack.

Boiled Egg Masala | Egg recipe | Side dish for Roti/Chapathi

Boiled eggs are my kids favourite they fight for it  and this curry is often cooked in my kitchen but i have never blogged about it.But now is the time as priya has announced a giveaway event at her space so decided to blog it.Thanks priya i too make the same way,we had it with Ragi chapathi(that too from your space).

Gulkand Phirni | Rose Flavored Pudding | Dessert Recipe

Gulkand phirni

Phirni is nothing but a sweet pudding make with either rice or rice flour.You can add any flavor/fruits in it and make a variety.When i saw this in priya's space i decided to go with it.Now a days i have started to make a dessert mandatory on Sunday( mainly bcoz I love it) i tried it the past Sunday.My son too loved it.

Ragi-Wheat chappathi | Indian flat bread

Ragi wheat roti

People mostly prefer  roti/chapathi for dinner and the same in my house too.To it i tried this one of adding ragi flour to make it more healthier .One can never find any difference in softness or taste but its very healthy .Thanks a lots priya for sharing more ragi recipes in your blog.

Hyderabadi Chicken curry | Chicken Recipe

We all love chicken recipes and i love to try different method with it.Last Sunday i tried this one from priya's daughter who is a spice lover like it more.Thanks priya for this chicken recipes.

Punjabi Chole Masala |Chickpeas Masala

Chole Masala is another north Indian curry which easy well with batura it also equally taste good with indian flat bread(chapathi) or appam.If you are with the anardhana (pomegranate) powder use it for original Punjabi taste since i don't have i used chole masala.