Paal Ice | Milk Popsicles

I hope as we adults must have tasted this paal/milk ice at least one in our childhood days.I just love the creamy milk which just refresh us as i write my mouth is watering.I want to make this  for  my kids so when i got another Popsicle mould i decided to make.Its so easy why not you try once.

Prepartion time:5 mins
Setting time:5-8 hrs or overnight


  • Milk-2 cup
  • Fresh Cream-200 gms( i used medium fat milk mist cream)
  • sugar-1\2 cup(adjust)
  • Vannila essence-1 tsp


1.Boil milk and allow it to cool well.Meanwhile beat the cream.To it add cooled milk,sugar,essence and mix well till everything is incorporated well.

2.Pour it into the popsicle mould and freeze it.After 6-8 hrs keep the mould under running water for a while and demould it.

Tasty, creamy and milky paal ice is ready.


1.You can use heavy cream also.


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