How to Cover a Cake with Fondant | Basic Cake Decorating Tips | Step by Step Pictures

As I promised in my Homemade Fondant post that i'll post the cake covered with fondant,this is the one.How is it guys?Let me share with you all how i covered it.


  • Cake ( any cake) (here i used vanilla cake with eggs)
  • Frosting- here i used butter cream frosting(you can use Chocolate ganache also)
  • Fondant- either store brought or homemade (click here for homemade version)
  • Edible colours


1.Prepare your cake and level it.To my surprise my cake was perfect this time,so i didnot level it.This is it.

 2.Apply  a rough coating of butter cream icing in it.

 3.I made two batches of fondant.To one of it i coloured it with yellow food colour.Gel food colours works best.Since i did not have that in hand  i used liquid colour.Just dip a spoon back in colour and smear over fondant,knead it well.If you feel the colour is light do it again.(don't pour the liquid food colour directly into the fondant).

I rolled the coloured fondant in a near surface dusted with  corn starch with a rolling pin.

4. Carefully take and place it on the iced cake.With a flat thing rub it gently from top to break any air bubbles.Then using a knife/pizza cutter draw a  line around it and remove the excess fondant.
(see here my daughter is helping me)

5.Clean look of of it.

 6.Then i rolled my white fondant and with a small round cutter and cut many rounds with it.

7.Apply little butter icing to each piece and paste it in the cake.Also i made small balls and covered the lower part.

closer look of it.

another angle of the cake.

If you are creative you can make wonders using fondants.try it.


1.If you fondant breaks don't add water ,just add glycerin or vegetable shortening and knead well for some time,it will become soft.

2.Excess fondant should be cling wrapped and stored in air tight container.


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