Sarkara Upperi | Jaggery Coated Banana | Onam Sadya Recipe

sarkara upperi
This  is one of the sadya menu in onam meal .This sweet is famous in our home town (nagecoil).When we got here for vacation i use to buy this since i love sweets a lot ;).On seeing many food bloggers post this recipe i too want to try it.So made a small batch yesterday.One main thing you have to keep in mind is ,fry the banana pieces to very crispy,on cooling if it become soggy fry them again before adding to the sugar syrup.Hope this is not bad for my first attempt as we all learn from our faults.

Preparation time:10 mins
Cooking time: 1\2 to 1 hrs
Recipe Category: sweet
Recipe Cuisine: South Indian
Author: babitha
Serves: 2

source:slightly adapted from here


Raw nendram banana-2
Turmeric powder-1\2 tsp
oil-to fry
Jaggery-200 gms
Dry ginger powder-1 tsp
cumin/jeera powder-1\2 tsp
Rice flour-1 tsp


1.Peel the skin of the banana,chop them in semi circle of 1\2 inch thickness and drop them in water mixed with turmeric powder.

2.Heat oil in a pan and fry this banana piece till crispy(it may take around 10-15 mins) then drain them in kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.

3.In a thick bottom pan melt jaggery,when melted filter to remove impurities.Then keep again and heat till it reaches soft ball consistency.Add the dried ginger powder and jeera powder.

4.Then drop the fried banana pieces and mix till it coats can add some rice flour too.Switch off.

Transfer to a wide plate and allow to cool.your sarkara upperi is ready to be served/eat.

Happy Onam to all who celebrate it.


1.Frying the banana is very should be crispy


  1. yummy recipe....wish i could have some!!!

  2. hey babi.. in fact this is forcing me to try this recipe too :D i have also seen so many bloggers trying fry banana recipes :D i ll do that and share with you lovelies ;)

  3. That looks delicious babitha .

  4. Looks delicious and tasty ........ Lovely!!

  5. looks very delicious sis..feel like having it...i'll try to make this...

  6. Whoa! That looks so tempting! Onam sadya dishes are my favorites especially the sweets and payasams! I am so excited to try authentic dishes for Onam in Kerala! Cheers!


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