Badam Halwa | Rich Almond Indian Sweet

badam halwa

Do I need to say anything about this which is rich,tasty halwa.Badam is a nut which has to be consumed daily.Do practise your children to eat  at least five of it daily.In this way once a while you can have because its loaded with sugar and ghee which will increase your calories so better try to eat plain.Slightly adapted  from here.

Pumpkin Choco Chips Muffins | Halloween Recipe

Today is my daughter's birthday and I have planned to make a butterscotch cake for her.Since my son had Madras eye and in leave me too having cold ,not in mood  to cook or blog.But i don't want my space to be idle so goes with my drafted recipes.Halloween is not much celebrated here in India but i want to try a cup cake with this pumpkin and hence this recipe.

Eggless Cinnamon Rolls | Eggless Baking

cinnamon rolls

I love to bake more than cooking that too working with yeast has become fun and excited now a days.On fine evening I made this for tea time snack,my daughter who is the best critic of my foods finished it off saying ma,its damn good can't stop with a roll.I addition to cinnamon I also added some chocolates in the filling which is purely optional.

Kollu Chutney | Horse gram Chutney | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

kollu chutney

Hope you all had a great Diwali and wishes that the happiness last longer in your life.After having much sweets lets now move to some healthy and weight reduction recipes.Horse gram /Kollu is consider a good food for it.So here I come with chutney for idli/dosa with it.

My Way Of Diwali Celebration

Diwali / Deepavali as we say one can feel the joy of it.Yes, its a festival of lights.Decorated with lamps and Divas with the aroma of food from the kitchen ,its simply amazing.Its a festival  which destroys the darkness and bring light into one’s life.Its a one of the main festival which is celebrated in India and also by Indians in whatever region they live.

Mostly all festivals and functions are themed with food.Yes food make a major role in it.For the festival of lights sweets is the main food which one eats and disturb to friends and neighbours.
As I have a Food Blog I can people rush with their new recipes before everyone post.To get more traffic I too prepare Indian sweets and post in my blog meanwhile we indulge in it.

Sweet Boondhi | Festive Sweet Recipe

sweet boondhi

Happy Diwali / Deepavali to all my friends,readers and blogging friends.May the light brings more prosperity in all our lives.To celebrate this occasion I share with you all a easy sweet recipe,yes it is Sweet Boondhi.

Garlic Karasev | Savoury Snack Recipe

garlic karasev

Its almost Diwali, festival of lights in India and all will be busy preparing sweets and savouries for it.Another best thing happening monsoon has begun in Chennai and its pouring for past three days.For this raining days best accomplished with chai/coffee is some deep fried snacks.So on Saturday I made this for snack you can even make it in bunch for the festival season.

A healthy child makes happy home

Every Mom’s dream is that her children are free from any disease and they have more immunity to fight against the germs.But is it possible ,do all the children have the power to fight against the germs.The big answer will be  “NO”.

Yes ,in this modern days kids hesitate to eat healthy foods which we when kids use to eat.Due to this they often fall sick and become weak which worries me a lot.

If I ask them to eat fruits and green leafy vegetables ,they mostly deny to eat it.My kids are so allergic to fruits,they almost hate all types of fruits,I push them at least to eat a banana a day.Also i make some baked goodies with other fruits and make them relish the fruits nutrients not knowing.But this cannot be done all time as sometime they identify it and avoid to eat them.

Potato Murukku | Aloo Chakli | Easy Snack Recipe

After many sweet recipes here i come with a salty one.Diwali ,Festival of Light is around the corner and I hope all will be busy preparing sweet & savoury for it.Do try this chakli  variety which is very easy and tasty.

Mysore Pak | Indian Sweet Recipe

mysore pak

I promised not to post Indian sweet but sorry I couldn't keep the promise as all food bloggers tempt me to try sweets.I have already gained few pounds and if it continuous i may become obese soon.This mysore pak variety uses half oil and half ghee    and hence the porous look.Do give a try it this diwali and enjoy.

Oreo Cupcakes | Eggless & Butterless

oreo cupcakes

I decided not to go with a Indian sweet recipe this time and hence a baked one that too  its kids & adults favourite OREO cookies in it.After started baking i want to try different version in different means and thus this eggless Oreo cupcakes.

Chocolate Sandesh | Indian Sweet Recipe

Actually, I don't have the plan to post a sweet recipe today but I was left with some fresh paneer this morning so quickly decided to make a sweet and hence this post.With not further things lets go to the recipe.

Kaju -Pistachio Rolls | Indian Festive Sweet Recipe

kaju pistachio rolls

Hope everyone will be busy preparing sweets for diwali ,I can see a lot of them in blogsphere which tempt me and carve for it.Me too started to make many sweet recipes & I am worried about my calories but i can't stop eating them.If anyone can suggest how get rid of extra fat.Let move on to this royal dessert,Kaju-Pistachio rolls.

Maida Burfi | Easy Flour Fudge | Festive Sweet Recipe

maida burfi

India is a country which has many festivals,each state celebrated different  festival in different way but one thin remain common ,yes its sweets...Festivals means sweets,whatever religion one may belong to ,sweet is one dish common in all.And for a sweet tooth like me i prepare them when ever i carve for it.Try this easy maida sweet and enjoy your day.

Jeep and Bourbon Chapter-23 #CelebrateBlogging

Team : The Scribe Tribe
Chapter:23 -In Confusion

                                                                                     Read the previous part here


It felt like the coldest and darkest evening of her life.
Tara's head was reeling and she was feeling like something was clutching at her heart. The photograph of the third person caught by Jenny's camera couldn't have been any clearer. With the huge crowd of people around them she found it difficult to breath.

Somehow Shekhar and Tara managed to leave the crowd behind and reached their flat, with Roohi still unconscious and Jenny in tow.

As Roohi was still not fine they paid more attention to her. Tara gave her a hot towel wipe while Shekhar stepped into the kitchen to prepare Roohi's favourite sweet corn soup. The little girl felt much better after relishing a bowl of the soup and soon fell asleep again out of extreme tiredness, from the frightful evening. None of them uttered a word about the episode, until Roohi was safely tucked in bed again.

Red Rice Flakes Coconut Milk Pudding / Aval Payasam With Jaggery | Payasam Recipe

Red Aval/Rice flakes payasam

Payasam is an easy dessert one can prepare .When ever i carve to eat something sweet i make  a payasam for lunch relish some and keep it in fridge and will indulge as often.when can make payasam with many ingredients.Here i have used thick red aval (rice flakes),jaggery and coconut milk.Need to say the taste sooo yummy.

Beef Mappas | Beef Cooked in Coconut Milk

beef mappas

Beef is a meat which i prepare more often after chicken while mutton is least preferred in my house.This recipe when i saw it here want to try it & it was a super doper hit.Do give a try once & i"m damn sure you will make it again and again.I usually buy  a  tender variety of beef (veal) which is very soft meat type compared to beef.

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