Kaju -Pistachio Rolls | Indian Festive Sweet Recipe

kaju pistachio rolls

Hope everyone will be busy preparing sweets for diwali ,I can see a lot of them in blogsphere which tempt me and carve for it.Me too started to make many sweet recipes & I am worried about my calories but i can't stop eating them.If anyone can suggest how get rid of extra fat.Let move on to this royal dessert,Kaju-Pistachio rolls.


For Kaju dough:

  • Kaju/Cashew- 1 cup
  • water or milk- for grinding
  • Sugar-3\4 cup
  • Water-just to immerse sugar
  • Ghee- little
For pista dough:

  • Unsalted pista-1\3 cup
  • water or milk for grinding.
  • sugar-1\4 cup
  • Green food color- a pinch
  • Sugar-1\4 cup

Edible silver vark/sheet- 2 sheets(optional)


1.Take cashew in a blender and grind it to a fine paste using water or milk.

2.Add water and sugar in to a thick bottom pan.Mix well till the sugar dissolve then heat it.keep stirring till it reaches one string consistency.

3.when reached 1 sting consistency add the ground paste and keep stirring till it forms a solid mass together.Remove from the pan and keep it aside.

4.Do the same for pistachio dough too only one thing just add few green food colour to the sugar syrup.(just add a small amount without knowing i added more,be careful).

5.First roll the cashew dough.To it place a rolled pistachio and  roll in form of cylinder.

5.Set it in fridge and cut .decorate it with silver sheets and enjoy.

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  1. Droolworthy kaju pista rolls... Looks awesome dear..

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  3. lovely kaju pista rolls. Tempting me to make some for diwali. I am hosting a diwali event on my blog, please do participate by linking diwali recipes. Thanks.

  4. yummy mouthwatering sweet :)

  5. wow mouthwatering and yummy rolls...


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