Maida Burfi | Easy Flour Fudge | Festive Sweet Recipe

maida burfi

India is a country which has many festivals,each state celebrated different  festival in different way but one thing remain common ,yes its sweets...Festivals means sweets,whatever religion one may belong to ,sweet is one dish common in all.And for a sweet tooth like me i prepare them when ever i carve for it.Try this easy maida sweet and enjoy your day.


  • Maida-1\2 cup
  • sugar-1 cup
  • ghee-1\4 cup
  • Food colour-little( i used 1\4 tsp green liquid food colour)
  • Vanilla essence-1\2 tsp
  • Cashew nut-few

Maida Burfi | Easy  Flour Fudge | Festive Sweet Recipe


1.Measure everything and keep ready.Grease a plate with ghee .Heat ghee in  kadai,fry the cashew then add maida and fry for a while and keep aside.( the ghee should be hot while adding the maida).

2.Take 1\2 cup water and sugar in heavy bottom pan.Keep stiring till it reaches the one string consistency(drop some syrup in a bowl of water,it will dissolve but form string).switch off.add essence and color ,mix well.(Be fast)

3.To the sugar syrup add roasted maida and fried cashew and keep stirring.First it mix well and very soon it thickens. Pour it into the greased plate and level it. Draw line when it is still hot.

4.After it is cooled well separate the pieces.Store it or enjoy it.

If just melts in mouth.


1.If you feel sugar level is high you can reduce it to 3\4 cup.


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