Mysore Pak | Indian Sweet Recipe

mysore pak

I promised not to post Indian sweet but sorry I couldn't keep the promise as all food bloggers tempt me to try sweets.I have already gained few pounds and if it continuous i may become obese soon.This mysore pak variety uses half oil and half ghee    and hence the porous look.Do give a try it this diwali and enjoy.

  • Besan flour-3\4 cup
  • sugar-3\4 cup
  • ghee-1\4 cup
  • oil-1\2 cup
  • water-1\4 cup


1.Sieve besan flour,grease a plate with ghee.Heat oil+ghee in a kadai.

2.To another thick bottom pan add sugar and water,mix well.Then heat it,keep stirring till it reaches on string consistency.(you have to keep on stirring till end).Heat the oil+ghee mix again

3.Add the sieved flour and mix well.Add the oil+ghee mixture ladle by ladle and keep stirring till all the oil mix is over.The flour will absorb it each time and become smooth.
Keep stirring soon it will becomes forthy and porous.

4.Pour it in to the greased plate and leave it.Draw line when it is still hot.Cool it and remove the pieces

You can store it for more than a week,but i am sure they won 't be anything left out till that time.



1.Use fresh besan flour.Don't use used oil or stocked one,use fresh one.

2.The string consistency is important for perfect texture.

3.In final stage the mix must be porous and forthy while pouring ,if it move to next stage it will become hard and won't be able to cut into pieces as they break.

4.If you pour the dough before the stage the flour may taste raw and it will be smooth.


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