Potato Murukku | Aloo Chakli | Easy Snack Recipe

After many sweet recipes here i come with a salty one.Diwali ,Festival of Light is around the corner and I hope all will be busy preparing sweet & savoury for it.Do try this chakli  variety which is very easy and tasty.


  • Rice flour-1 cup (i used store brought one)
  • Potato-1,medium sized
  • Ajwan seeds/Omum 1 tsp
  • hing powder-1\2 tsp
  • Butter/oil-1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • oil to fry


1.Pressure cook/ boil the potato well.cool peel the skin and grind it in to a paste in the mixer.

2.In a mixing bowl add flour,ground potato paste,ajwan seeds,hing,salt and butter/oil.First mix it well.Then slowly add water and knead to a non sticky dough.

3.Grease the murukku presser with oil and fill the dough.Press it to form  shapes on back of a ladle.Gently drop it in hot oil.fry them well.

4.Repeat the process for all a dough.

Cool and store it in air tight container.


1.You can use any shape presser for making this chakli.I used here two variety.

2.If you can bear the heat you can press the chakli directly  on the hot oil.

3.If you add more butter you won't be able to make shapes as it will crumble,in that case add some more flour and knead it.

4.If it is difficult to press in the murukku presser sprinkle some water,knead and press.


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