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ragi string hoppers

We all know millets are healthy and rich in nutrients and one should use them in a meal  either in breakfast,lunch or dinner.My kids love string hoppers/ idiyappam  so i tried making it with ragi  flour for breakfast today.It can be had with simple red coconut chutney ,kurma,or any non-veg gravy else with sugar.I slightly adopted it from here.

Makes: 15 pieces


  • Ragi flour-2 cups
  • Salt to taste
  • hot water
  • oil-1 tsp
  • hot water-as needed
  • grated coconut


1.Dry roast ragi flour in a pan till a aroma comes,be careful not to burn it.Boil 2 cup of water.

2.To the roasted flour add hot water little by little and mix to form a non sticky dough( don't add all the water).Add a tsp of oil and knead tit.Cover and keep.

3.Make a log of the dough fill in the idiyappam presser and press on greased idli plate.
Steam it for 10 mins or till done.Cool and remove.

Top with grated coconut and serve hot with your favorite side dish.


1.The original recipe uses 1\4 cup rice flour for a cup of ragi flour but i used only ragi flour.

2.Serve hot.


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