Strawberry Milk Shake | Easy Drink

I can see this lovely fruit only from  November here in Chennai.I want to try more recipes with this in summer but no way,so i decided to go with milk shake when its available.I'm sure this is not the season to post milk shake but I do.I always give my kids a drink first then snacks once they return for school.So this was their after school drink a day before.


  • Strawberry-5
  • Boiled and cooled milk-1 cup
  • sugar to taste
  • Vanilla topping powder-1 tbsp **

** you can use vanilla ice cream or strawberry ice cream a scoop


1.In a blender add everything and blend well.

2.Pour in tall glass and serve.

Best when served chilled.


1.Since i had vanilla topping powder i used it,you can go with some ice cream or else go plain.


  1. Yummmy to have them!

  2. I'm waiting for my local vendor to stock some strawberries!! Love this fruit! Good idea to give your kids these fruity shake, looks delicious. I'm sure they loved it!

  3. Lovely recipe! I welcome u to my & Monu's HM Besties Event #2 that is about "Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets" ..Plz hop over & link ur lovely recipes :)

  4. wow babi .. so, winters are on.. we can get fresh cherries and strawberries ;) i will get and try this beautiful looking shake nom nom nom

  5. looks yum perfect for this climate..


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