White Chocolate Mousse | No Gelatin or Agar-agar

Happy Children's Day ! My heartful prayers and wishes for all children to have all basic needs with good health.May we too have their innocent thinking in us.On this day I share an easy mousse recipe.I had white chocolate bar sitting in my pantry for while.I actually want to try millet chocolate but didn't so when searching found it mousse recipe and immediately went in action and did it.

Preparation time:nill
cooking time:under 15 mins
Chilling time:2 to 3 hrs
Recipe source: Slightly adopted from Swapna's Cuisine


  • White chocolate: 1 cup
  • Low fat Whipping cream-1 cup
  • vanilla essence-1 tsp
  • Strawberry-for topping (optional)

white chocolate mousse


1.Melt white chocolate by double boiling method.When melted remove from flame and allow to cool a bit

2.Beat the low fat cream.Fold in the cooled chocolate along with vanilla essence.

3.Pour in serving glass and chill it.

4.Just before serving top it strawberry and serve chilled.(you can use your own favourite toppings)

** you can add a layer for any fruit sauce and serve.


1.Add your favourite topping.


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