Ragi Chocolate Mikshake | Finger millet chocolate milkshake

I always give my kids a drink first when they return from school probably it will be Tang juice sometime i go for fresh juice if stocked in pantry.When searching priya's blog i came across this drink and tried immediately to say the truth my kids love it to core and was a clash for it.Now lets go of to the recipe

Simple Broccoli Stir Fry | Side Dish for Rice

Looking for some easy recipe with broccoli then this is the one.Try this simple stir fry and enjoy the crunches of the the florets with hot steamed rice.Here i have not used coconut you can use it for extra taste.

Potato Kofta | Easy Potato Balls | Snack Recipe

This recipe and photography are totally by my daughter my duty here is just write this post for her.Every Saturday in Vijay TV chef Venkatesh bhatt share easy recipes and this is one such she saw last week ,tried it immediately that evening for snack.Most pictures were shaken only the above one was good.Since she want step by procedure took all snaps and i just made a collage.She made few changes in ingredients too.

My First Event with Giveaways

First i need to say some thing.Its had been more than 2 years since i started to blog without knowing anything about blogging.To say the truth i thought why not i too write about recipe after seeing Yummy Tummy aarthi's blog ,yes her blog only made be to come into this blogging world.Even  now i use use think how silly i was used to ask many people the basic of blogging.But now i can't saw i know everything about blogging still a lot to learn,yes learning is a big ocean one can never say i have learnt everything.

Spiced Sweet Potato Muffins | Easy Breakfast Recipe

sweet potato spiced muffins

Sweet potato with the spiced blends in to it gives a delicious taste and this was our yesterday snack.Do try this as sweet potato is in season now.

Mutton Fat Curry | Mutton Kuzhuppu curry

Are you amazed like me to see mutton fat curry, me to when i saw it in divya's space i thought what is this mutton fat curry ,how it will be and must try one day when i get this fat.I had some fats pieces extra when i bought mutton for my son's birthday and  i reserved it to make this curry for chapathi one day.It is high fat content so once a while you can eat and cannot be taken regularly.With some slight change i adapted it from here.

Cherry Cake with a hint of Cinnamon | Christmas Bakes

Yesterday was my father's birthday as i as was wandering what to bake stucked with baking a cherry cake.While mixing flour thought why not add a tsp of cinnamon and added.Its was super dopper with the favour of it.Try this and surprise your family.

Multigrain Sprouts Flour Appam | Easy Snack Recipe

I try new snack for my kids when they return home in evening yesterday i was wandering what to do and while checking found a packet of multigrain sprouts flour which i bought a month back.Also i was left with some over ripe bananas.SO i decided to go with appam.Do try this healthy and tasty snack for your kids.

Sweet Buns | Raisins &Tutti Fruitti Bun

When ever i see buns/breads in any blog /web page i just stare it for a long time and wish to bake it as soon as but only certain recipe i try immediately and this is one among it.Although i have confident to play with yeast sometime i over bake it hence the bottom get burnt lightly but  no change in taste or nothing lag behinds after baking.Tasted awesome and vanished quickly.Tried this recipe from here.