Multigrain Sprouts Flour Appam | Easy Snack Recipe

I try new snack for my kids when they return home in evening yesterday i was wandering what to do and while checking found a packet of multigrain sprouts flour which i bought a month back.Also i was left with some over ripe bananas.SO i decided to go with appam.Do try this healthy and tasty snack for your kids.
Preparation time:5mins
Cooking time:under 30 mins
yields:15 appams

  • Multigrain sprouts flour-1 cup
  • wheat flour-1\2 cup
  • jaggery -3\4 cup
  • Dry ginger powder(chukku)-1\2 tsp
  • Over ripe banana-2
  • salt -a pinch
  • cooking soda-1\4 tsp
  • oil-to fry


1. Crush the jaggery in half cup water.Boil till it melts ,switch off and filter to remove impurities.Mash the banana well(i just pulse it in my mixer).

2.In a bowl add both flour,dry ginger,cooking soda,mashed banana and salt.Add the jaggery syrup and make semi thick dough(pourable consistency).

3.Heat oil in a paniyaram pan.Pour a ladle in each hole.Cook on side ,flip another side and cook.

4.Remove from the pan when cooked on both sides.

Tasty and healthy appam is ready.


1.If you don't have paniyaram pan you can use normal kadai and fry them.


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