Ragi Chocolate Mikshake | Finger millet chocolate milkshake

I always give my kids a drink first when they return from school probably it will be Tang juice sometime i go for fresh juice if stocked in pantry.When searching priya's blog i came across this drink and tried immediately to say the truth my kids love it to core and was a clash for it.Now lets go of to the recipe


  • Ragi/finger millet flour-2 tbsp
  • Milk-2 cups(boiled,cooled and chilled)
  • sugar-to taste
  • cocoa powder- tbsp
  • water-1\2 cup
  • vanilla essence-1 tsp


1.In a sauce pan add ragi flour,cocoa powder and water.whisk it well.Keep in flame and cook it low flame with continuous stirring.In a short time it will be cooked well and form a mass.switch off.

2.Cool the mix well.When cooled well add in to a mixer along with milk,sugar and essence and blend well.

Pour in to a serving glass  and enjoy delicious ,healthy drink.


1.You must stir continuously else it will from lumps.


  1. Ragi milk shake looks yumm dear :) I have too tried this from priya's blog love it !!

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  3. That looks like a very healthy juice!


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