Sweet Buns | Raisins &Tutti Fruitti Bun

When ever i see buns/breads in any blog /web page i just stare it for a long time and wish to bake it as soon as but only certain recipe i try immediately and this is one among it.Although i have confident to play with yeast sometime i over bake it hence the bottom get burnt lightly but  no change in taste or nothing lag behinds after baking.Tasted awesome and vanished quickly.Tried this recipe from here.

Preparation time:10 mins.Standing time:1 & 1\2 hours to 2 hours
Baking time:15 mins

  • APF/Maida-1&1\4 cup
  • sugar-1\4 cup
  • salt-1\2 tsp
  • Instant yeast-1 tbsp
  • Egg -1(seperate yolk & white)
  • Oil-1 tbsp
  • warm water-as needed.
  • raisins,tutti& fruitti-1\3 cup
  • butter


1.In a bowl add flour,salt,sugar,egg yolk,oil and mix.Then slowly add warm water and knead a slightly sticky dough.Cover and keep it to rise.

2.After risen well punch out the air .Add in raisins,tutti fruitti and knead again.Make balls of it and arrange it in a baking tray.Cover and keep again for second rise.

3.When it is raised again brush on top with the reserved egg white and bake it in a pre heated oven at 180 deg C for 15 mins or till it browns on top.

4.When it is out from the oven  brush with butter.

Serve for evening tea/coffee.


1.If using dry yeast  first activated then use.

2.Baking time vary from oven to oven.


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