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Mine is a small cute nuclear family and hence a small car is more than enough for us.After so many consultation we landed up to buy a car from maruti suzuki some years back and bought one.There are some people who keep on changing their gadgets,automobiles,appliances as the trend change.Me and my husband are not that category but my daughter is absolutely a fashion trendy who wants all her  things to be of latest.She was keeping on insisting her father to update  our car as it  was an old one.Her father first hesitate to do but later due his daughter loving words could not say no and so agreed to buy another one in near future.Although he promised her daughter  he was tensed of how could he sell his used one to a reasonable price and buy another.He looked confused all time due to this problem.

Eggless Strawberry Ice cream | No Churn Method | Ice Cream Recipe

While going through my FB page i noticed that today (27th February )is  strawberry day immediately with no second thought i decided to round up my last strawberry recipe which i had in my draft.When i bought a box of it some where lying on my fridge with no attention.Wandering what to make with it decided to make ice cream so kids will like it.It soo easy just give a try.:P

Creamy pasta | Pasta in White Sauce | Past & Vegetables | Easy dinner Recipe

I make paste once for a while but mostly with loads of vegetables and very rare i make it in white sauce.Last time when i made this for dinner decided to post and hence clicked it.Its super easy and taste too good when its is taken hot.

Strawberry Lassi | Summer Drink

As summer slowly showing it way we have started to look for some chilled juices.My one suggestion would be please avoid street drinks since we don't know how hygienic it was made.Try some simple homemade juice to quench your thirst.

Strawberry Pannacotta | Dessert recipes

Panna cotta  is an Italian dessert means cooked cream.Its mainly made with cream but here i have used cream & milk.Adding some strawberry gives a pleasant colour to the pudding.

Bedtime Rituals for Babies

I am very happy to write this post since it's related to motherhood,babies and the love between them.Children are the greatest gift for mankind.Yes ,children makes our life more colourful and give a meaning for our life.Being mother of two kids i really blessed in it.Soon after my marriage i conceived and no word to express our happiness.

As said by Howard W.Hunter,

Motherhood is near to divinity.It is the highest,holiest service to be assumed by mankind.

I love these words of Lin Yutang, Of all the rights of women the greatest is to be  a mother .

My 5 Bucket Wish

Life is all about Ups and Downs ,the person we see today may be poor  and one day he may be very rich which all wealth of life and hence cannot predict  what will happen each day.Sometime it will be luck  and mostly it will be their work that must have rewarded them.The life of  middle class people is full of many problems where in they have to struggle to achieve each and every goals/dreams.While travelling to reach our goal we need to sacrifice many  things or sometimes restrict many.How would it be if their is no restriction in my life,i just can’t imagine it  but if its so then here are the top five wish lists.

Gatte Ki Sabji | Indian Style Sabji Recipe for Roti / Naan ( No Onion No Garlic )

"Gatte" a Hindi word means solid piece.Here it is prepared with gram flour & spices cooked in boiling water and then a yogurt based gravy is made in which these gatte's are dunked.While searching i found this is a Rajasthani recipe and the gravy can be made in many ways but here i have used curd based one.

My Ideal Valentine Asus Zenfone #UnconditionalLove

Valentine day is all about love,being loved and to be in love.Its is not  necessary to have a valentine for this day even with our parents/kids we can enjoy the day lovely.Valentine day is here and all will busy preparing to surprise their valentine.Many must have started preparing for this special day months ahead.Some may plan to go to some special romantic holiday with their loved one to enjoy it the most.A romantic dinner night at a star hotel and an awesome gift from the valentine makes the day more memorable.But i choose Asus Zenfone to be my valentine on that day rather than anybody.

Blueberry Smoothie Recipe (Using Blueberry preserve)

Happy Valentine day ,enjoy the day with your loved ones.On this special day :) i share with you an easy smoothie recipe which is very quick to make.I had a bottle of this blueberry preserve lying on my fridge for a long time.The only thing made with it was blueberry ice cream,Blueberries are good for children as they boost memory power.Please suggest me some recipe to make with it in the comment box so that i can finish the bottle soon.

Heart Beet Cookies | Beetroot Cookies | Valentine Day's special | Eggless & Butterless

This cookies is a valentine day special which  i thought to post on Feb 14th only but pushed to post soon seeing so many V day's special recipes by co-bloggers.This is made with beetroot puree which gave a pleasant colour to the cookies.Do try this easy cookies and enjoy the V day with your loved ones.@};-

Prawn Fry | Prawn 65 | Shrimp Fry

Yesterday when the fish vendor bought this king size prawns with no second thought i bought it.Actually small ones are difficult to peel & clean but big size is easy and more important its fully fleshy.Made this tempting fry for dinner and relished it.

Shahi Paneer Recipe | Side dish for Roti / Naan

Shahi paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese) is a very rich tomato based gravy which is very famous in North India.The name "shahi" means royal ( very rich).Yes this gravy is rich with cashew nuts,cream & saffron.

Paneer & Capsicum Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Now a days i have  started making more sandwiches because my daughter ask for more variety and another reason is its soo easy to make  very apt for lazy days.;;) You can check sprouts sandwich, vegetable sandwich, sweet corn capsicum sandwich in my space.Do check this easy bread pizza too.

Easy Carrot Stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

Carrot stir fry is an easy and tasty side dish / kootu for rice which can be made in jiffy.Adding grated coconut give a unique taste.If you feel to omit coconut you can avoid but my advice is to add it.

Valentine day gift #cupidgames

This post is for Indiblogger Close-up cupidgames 2015. 


To my Valentine,

You have made my life beautiful !
Happy Valentine day , Sweetheart !

Check here for more videos on the Close-up cupid games gallery.

My First Event Winner announcement..

Hai all,

 I am little bit late to announce the winner of my first event.Thank you all for linking your entries to my first event with giveaway.I thought i will get  more number but its okay .I said in my event page that if i get 250+ entries i will go for 2nd prize.But i just got 100 entries and don't want disappoint so decided to give 2nd prize too.

Neer Dosa / Dosai | Mangolore Special Neer Dosa | Easy Breakfast Recipe

This dosai is very famous in mangalore  and easy to make too.Just soaking the rice for few hours then grinding and make it just like that.This dosa does not need fermentation.THis  can be accomplished any veg or non-veg side dish.We had it with egg curry absolutely yummy.Let us see how to make this.

With Quikr Nxt No Fikar

Once there was days when people had unused old stuffs lying on their house without any care.Although they work well they do not want them since they have purchased or got new item of it.But this is not the case now, if you upgrade a new gadgets or vehicle you can easily sell your old product for decent money through many ways and one such is through Quikr.

Quikr is place where one can easily sell or buy vehicle,electronics,household small and big appliances.Apart from this they also have services like matrimony,education,entertainment and
jobs listing too.With their new app  Quikr Nxt the deal between selling and buying is much more easy and convenient.The  three reasons why i may choose this option are:

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