Blueberry Smoothie Recipe (Using Blueberry preserve)

Happy Valentine day ,enjoy the day with your loved ones.On this special day :) i share with you an easy smoothie recipe which is very quick to make.I had a bottle of this blueberry preserve lying on my fridge for a long time.The only thing made with it was blueberry ice cream,Blueberries are good for children as they boost memory power.Please suggest me some recipe to make with it in the comment box so that i can finish the bottle soon.


  • Blueberry preserve-1\3 cup
  • plain yogurt-1\2 cup(fresh)
  • Whipped cream.( i used cream powder)
  • milk (optional)


1.Add the blueberry preserve and yogurt in a blender ,blend it well.

2.Add in whipped cream( here i just used my cream powder) and whipped well. add in milk ( if adding)

3.Pour in class and serve chilled.


1.Since my preserve had sugar i did not add any sugar.

2.You can use fresh or frozen blue berries too.In that case add sugar according to your taste.

3.Adjust yogurt /milk quantity.


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