Heart Beet Cookies | Beetroot Cookies | Valentine Day's special | Eggless & Butterless

This cookies is a valentine day special which  i thought to post on Feb 14th only but pushed to post soon seeing so many V day's special recipes by co-bloggers.This is made with beetroot puree which gave a pleasant colour to the cookies.Do try this easy cookies and enjoy the V day with your loved ones.@};-

Preparation time:10mins
Baking time:15mins
Recipe type:cookies/snacks
Recipe cuisine: American/indian
Author: Babitha


  • Wheat flour-3\4 cup
  • Apf/Maida-1\4 cup
  • Baking powder-1 tsp
  • Beetroot puree- 1 tbsp *see notes
  • granulated sugar-1\2 cup ( first measure then just powder it in mixer)
  • Vanilla essence-2 tsp
  • Oil-1\4 cup
  • Milk-1 r 2 tsp( adjust)


1.Sieve both flours with baking powder.

2.Add the powdered sugar and beetroot puree in a bowl,mix well.Then add oil to it whisk it well ( i just used my hand whisk).Add in essence too.

3.Then slowly add in flour mix in batches  and whisk till it combines well.If its is difficult to mix then only add milk else pls don't add.Make a non sticky dough.

4.Roll the prepared dough and cut it with heart shaped Cookie cutter,arrange it on a baking tray.

5.Bake it for 10-12 mins at 180 deg C ,don't allow it to become brown.Cool it on wire rack.

Super tasty and healthy heart cookies is ready.:x


You can add some choc chips to the batter and make cookies.


1.Peel the skin of the beetroot,cook it with some water.cool and blend it to fine paste.Your beetroot puree is ready.

2.You can make beetroot puree without cooking it.


  1. wow lovely, cookies and beetroot

  2. fabulous cookies and looks perfect babi

  3. A very healthy and delicious cookie...Love that you have used whole wheat flour and beetroot to colour the cookies :)

  4. Lovely cookies dear.. Using beet is such a great idea.

  5. Thanks for the yummy receipešŸ˜Š


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