Spiced Walnut Tea Cake | Eggless Baking

I guess i baked a cake after a couple of months yes my oven was idle for a long :Donly with some cookies i did with it.This week i was so eager to bake a cake decided to do my own imagination with nuts & spices which led to this spiced walnut cake.


We south Indians mostly prefer idli /dosa for breakfast and to say the truth its the healthiest and tastiest food nothing can match it.We can make lots of variation in it by adding millets ,oats and other cereals.This is one way of making dosa  where it is made very thick in iron tawa/skillet.

Singaporean Food

With  multicultural heritage Singapore cuisine too  has variety  ranging from Chinese,Indian,Malay,Penakan,Indonesian and many other.One can say it  is the great place to taste all variety of food.

Food in Singapore are mostly served in hawker centre or cooked food centre which in nothing but a open air complexes which are inexpensive.We can see the globalisation here in Singapore which Chinese chefs experimenting with turmeric and ghee while Indian chef work with fried noodles and others

Being a food blogger i wish to visit this lovely paradise for food and indulge in it.If you were to visit there in near future do try some of the food i’m mentioning here .Their foods are mildly spiced which are not liked our south Indians cuisine  where we mostly prefer spicy food.

Breakfast with Guptaji's family

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it should be in such way as royal treat to break our fast we were  since night.It should be healthy,filling,nutritive and should keep as active all the day.We south Indian mostly prefer idli/dosa for breakfast which is more healthy and filling which make the day kick start with high confident and energetic.

Here Gupta family has a wide range of recipes to choose from for breakfast.Since they have a variety food to fill up my tummy for the first food of the day i wish to go there to have my breakfast.Guptaji  family members are very clever that they whip up perfect breakfast for any occasion.Some recipes which i like to have for breakfast are

Curd Rice | Thayir Sadam

As the temperature is rising steadily its becoming difficult to work long in kitchen.Simple and easy recipes helps during these times and this curd rice is one such recipes which can relish just with/without a pickle.

Happiness for me

Happiness is one of the emotional  state which all like to be and the way to be it are so simple.I too like to cheerful all days all time but situation does not set so for it always.
As said by Aristotle,Happiness depends on ourselves ,it purely depends on the person.
One need not do very big or achieve great thing to feel it even a small deed makes your heart feel it.


For me  happiness means in many ways and here i have shared a few of it.

Vadu Mango Pickle | Baby Mango Pickle | Maavadu

Pickle ,I'm not a fan of it and very rarely take a piece of it but the cook in me push me to try all types of pickles.These baby mangoes are seasonal product which we can see in markets only during march-April.Two weeks before i saw this in a vegetable stall i  am bought it immediately to try this vadu mango pickle.I got some ideas from here to try this.

Neeragaram | Palya Sadam | Leftover rice porridge | Summer Cooler

Neeragaram | Palya Sadam | Leftover rice porridge  |  Summer Cooler

Neeragaram / palya sadam is the one best  cooler for summer which does not need any great cooking technique.Just soak it and drink it.It very healthy,filling  and best coolant.

Keerai Poriyal | Easy side dish for rice

Greens/Keerai are very good to health ,its very rich iron and many nutritional benefits.Try to include these greens three or four times a week.My son don't like keerai he use call these as leaf but my daughter likes it well.Mostly i made it with dal sometime as masiyal and rarely this way.

Fun days together

I start my post with a quotes i saw long back,

“ Individually we are drops but together we are ocean “

Yes unity is strength ,i agree totally with it.A small intro about my husband side.He was born in a very big family with three brothers and four sisters,can you imagine how it would had been for their parents to bring up these eight children.Although they struggled a lot to settle each one’s life  they had thought values of life to each one very well hence all their children are well behaved,well placed now.With each of their children are working abroad they hardly see them once a year or twice.

Homemade Chewy Choco chips Granola Bars

These bars are chewy,healthy and addictive too.When i just looked up my blog i see that it had been a long time since i posted a baked recipe,to say the truth even my oven may  cry for not using it since December.So i decided to bake a easy granola bar which makes a good food when you plan to diet.,It very easy too.Do try this.

Right decision at right time #StartANewLife

In this post let me share with you all how a different and bold step taken  in my life totally  changed things.Its not me the person who took that bold move its none other than my husband.Let me give a small intro about myself and my better half.

My husband was born in a very big family with seven siblings in which three were men and four were women.He was born and brought up in village and a simple manner.Can you imagine how difficult it would have been to bring up all these eight children from their parents.He had shared with me how all they had suffer  to fulfil their daily  needs and how things changed when his first brother become the breadwinner of the family.Slowly after successive brothers getting job their livelihood changed vastly.Knowing all the difficult situations and how to tackle it my husband suggest and give good decision for others.

I was born in a middle class family with a brother and a sister.My parents life too was very simple and humble.They too had to fight  with life at situation to handle it but they gave us all three of us a good education.My mother’s long to wish was to have a house of own.But with two girl children marriage ,education,household,etc it was only a dream.Some how they managed all others needs except a home of their own.

Pasta Kheer | Easy Kheer Recipe

Last Sunday i was carving for some payasam as it was quite some months since i drank it.On looking up my pantry i decided to go with very easy kheer to fulfil my sweet tooth.Do try this easiest kheer  and enjoy.

Happy baby

Children are my happiness always, i love to be  with them  seeing their innocent mischief,play with them ,cook for them,etc.I can spend a whole of my day with them.

As said by Herbert  Hoover ,
Children are the most valuable natural resource  ,

which is  absolutely true.Even if a person has all wealth of the world but there is no use of it  if he doesn't have a child.They will say externally i am happy but there will always be a hole in their life without a child.
I can  do anything to keep them happy always.I have two children a girl and a boy with a age gap of nine years between them.Although they have a huge age gap they two fight for silly things and my son will take it up to me to judge where i just enjoy watching all these.

My stories #lookup

For each and everyone life must have thought something and its the same for me too.LIFE  is the most beautiful journey in one’s life and he/she learn something to improve his/her  wisdom. Its journey is more powerful too as it heals worn out/broken hearts.I too have many stories to tell how unsure was at my early stage and how things had change in my life journey.

Not knowing much about family i got married soon after my studies.At first our journey was smooth then i realised it to be little tough when i lost my beloved mother just a year after my marriage.With a baby in my hand i was unhelpful how to lead my future life without the guide/advice from mother.At that time my husband guided me to how to be optimistic.What could i say if him,i can say him to be my second mother ,yes like a child’s mother he taught me each and every things,to handle situation,to communicate with people and some cooking too.When i rock my child’s cradle i felt there is a meaning in my life for the sake of this baby which poured more positive energy after that toughest incident.

Fresh Grape Juice | Grape Juice with a touch of Lemon

Last Sunday while returning from church we had packed juice in a shop it was good.The next day problem started my daughter complained she is having stomach ache since she got up.I thought it must be some gastric problem,gave her medicine and send her to school.On returning she was totally in a fainted condition.When i took her to the doctor he said its food poisoning.I urged that we drank only canned/tetra pack juice,doctor said fungus mainly in it only and advised to buy fruits  and make fresh juice.From that day we decided not to take  any outside drink.Pl  readers avoid street/packed juice and go with fresh homemade juice.
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