Curd Rice | Thayir Sadam |தயிர் சாதம்

As the temperature is rising steadily its becoming difficult to work long in kitchen.Simple and easy recipes help during these times and this curd rice is one such recipe which can relish just with/without a pickle.


  • Cooked rice
  • Milk-1 cup
  • Thick curd-1\2 cup
  • grated carrot-from 1 carrot
  • green chilly-1,finely chopped
  • salt to taste

To temper:

  • Oil- 2 tsp
  • mustard seeds-1\2 tsp
  • red chilly-1
  • hing powder-1\4 tsp(optional)


1.Mash the cooked rice well when it is still hot.Pour milk in to it and mix well.Then allow it to cool.

2.When it has cooled well add in curd to it followed by grated carrot ,salt and chopped green chilly.

3.Then temper with the ingredients given and add to it.

Easy and tasty curd rice is ready.Serve it as such or with any pickle.Vadu mango pickle goes well with this.


1.Add curd after the rice reaches room temperature,if you add when it is hot it may get curdled.

2.Use fresh curd.

3.While packing for lunch box add more milk becoz as time goes curd may become soar.

4.You can even add mango,cucumber,pomegranate,grapes  to it.

Have it and stay cool this summer 


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