Fresh Grape Juice | Grape Juice with a touch of Lemon

Last Sunday while returning from church we had packed juice in a shop it was good.The next day problem started my daughter complained she is having stomach ache since she got up.I thought it must be some gastric problem,gave her medicine and send her to school.On returning she was totally in a fainted condition.When i took her to the doctor he said its food poisoning.I urged that we drank only canned/tetra pack juice,doctor said fungus mainly in it only and advised to buy fruits  and make fresh juice.From that day we decided not to take  any outside drink.Pl  readers avoid street/packed juice and go with fresh homemade juice.


  • Fresh black grapes-1\4 kg ( i used seedless  variety)
  • Sugar- 2 tsp( adjust)
  • Lemon juice-1 tsp
  • Water-1\4 cup


1.Wash the grapes well.Remove it from the stack and add it to a blender/mixer.

2.Add in  sugar and blend well.Pour it through a sieve.Add 1\4 cup water and pour again through it to clearly extract all juice.

3.Squeeze lemon juice and serve immediately.

It was super tasty.


1.I didnot add ice cubes you can add if you prefer.

2.Consume immediately.



  1. homemade things are the best...juice looks refreshing

  2. Homemade is always best:-) looks refreshing

  3. I totally agree to you... especially back home, I feel it so unsafe to buy anything from stores, thanks to the storage conditions! The grape juice looks refreshing... especially since now it is in season...

  4. That looks so refreshing. Loved the idea of combination grapes and lemon.

  5. Fresh grape juice with lemon looks delicious.


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