Eggless Garlic Pull-apart Rolls | Garlic rolls

I bake this garlic pull apart long back but couldn't post.Now while enjoying my holidays i just have only juices to post so decided to go for this baked dish from my draft.Its very easy and it can be had as dinner too.I tried this recipe from here.

Carrot Orange Juice | Fresh Juices | Summer Drink

I am enjoying all sorts of fresh juices from fruits and vegetables here in Dubai.This carrot orange juice had a nice vibrant colour which will surely attract one at first glance.I added a piece of ginger for digestion purpose it may cause any stomach upset.

Blueberry Milkshake | Drink recipe ( using fresh fruit)

Blueberry milkshake with step by step pictures.

Here in  Dubai i see variety of fruits and vegetables in almost all supermarkets/hypermarkets which I found rare in Chennai. The first thought that comes to my mind on seeing these fruits are to make some recipes for my blog and I guess most food bloggers will have the feeling like me. When i got a small box of fresh blueberries I made a milkshake with it and fully enjoyed it.

Eggplant fry | Spicy Bringal fry | Side Dish for Rice

When i saw a big egg plant on the refrigerator immediately i decided to make a fry of it.I just love to have brinjal in any form and the most favourite is that its cooked along with masalas and tomatoes.Since eggplant fry is not in my blog i decided to cook and blog about it.If you are a brinjal lover like then surely you too will like it.

Rose Milk - Summer Drink

This drink doesn't need any introduction/information as its quite popular for ages  and its easily available.Its can be prepared in jiffy and even children can prepare.As we are in Dubai for a short holiday i took some pictures before travelling and this is one among it.

Semolina /Rava coconut cake -Eggless & Butterless

As the kids are at their summer vacation they ask for some/more snack.What ever i buy from outside it get over instantly so a day i decided to bake this coconut cake since a pack of it was lying in my pantry.The aroma of freshly baked cake is truly awesome and tasted great with a cup of tea.

Lemon Mojito | Lemon Mint Mojito | Virgin Mojito

When we went to pondicherry in January we saw this mojito drink  in a hotel menu card but i didnot try it.Last week when i had a bunch of mint leaves i decided to try this drink to taste it.Actually i didnot have any drop to indulge since my daughter finished it all.We can use  some alcohol like rum/vodaka in it,since this is made without alcohol it is called virgin mojito.Do give a try this easy drink.

Masala Oats | Oats cooked with mixed vegetable | Zero Oil recipe

We all know the health benefits of oats and i  need not explain any about it.Two days back we had bread bhajji for evening snack which made us feel very heavy so we thought to skip dinner,then i made up my mind to cook some low calorie recipe with oats and prepared this.This was super tasty,easy and healthy with added vegetables.

Pomegranate Mint Cooler | Summer Cooler

Day by day its being hot in Chennai and we long to quench our thirst with some juices.Due to adulteration in ready made juices i prefer homemade juices now a days.My son is a great fan of a branded pomegranate juice.Whenever we go for supermarket he use to pick few tetra pack for him.One day i made him fresh juice of it with my newly bought hand blender and he relished it well saying it taste soo good then store brought.From then he use to ask for this juice frequently.Its soo simple and taste awesome.I just added few mint leaves for extra freshness omit it if you don't prefer.

Mint Tea | Mint Chai | Fresh Mint Leaves Tea

How was your Easter celebration we had a blast ,i made an eggless truitti fruity cake and for lunch i prepared chicken biryani.After having heavy lunch i want to have something that aids in digestion so i prepared this mint chai yesterday evening for a change.Trust me if you love mint then this one is surely for you,i just love it to the core.

Thinnai / Foxtail millet String Hoppers | Healthy Millet Breakfast

foxtail millet  string hoppers

We all know the health benefit of millets and i no need to repeat it again some it are it is rich in fibre,low in carbohydrates and full of intake millets atleast a meal a day.We can make almost all south Indian breakfast recipes with it and this one string hoppers/ idiyaappam is my kids favourite.

Rice Flour Sweet Balls | Ottu Maavoo Urundai | Our native recipes

This recipe is my in-laws side famous sweet.People who comes around the sea shore village in kanyakumari must have heard about this one which is quite popular over there and they make this usually during the last week of lent reason to eat it on good Friday.Last week when i ground a huge batch of rice flour i decided to make this and blog about it.Its very easy and "ulakkai " a bigger from of  mortar padestal is used for  binding the ingredients together but now since we can't find if we can use mixer/mixie too.Do give a try and let me know.

Rava/Sooji Vegetable Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Now a days i started buying bread often since my daughter like to have sandwich which she makes by herself.For one fine morning as i was thinking what to make for breakfast i remembered a TV show featuring about this sooji/rava toast and made this for breakfast.Do try its very filling and tasty.