Blueberry Milkshake | Drink recipe ( using fresh fruit)

Blueberry milkshake with step by step pictures.

Here in  Dubai i see variety of fruits and vegetables in almost all supermarkets/hypermarkets which I found rare in Chennai. The first thought that comes to my mind on seeing these fruits are to make some recipes for my blog and I guess most food bloggers will have the feeling like me. When i got a small box of fresh blueberries I made a milkshake with it and fully enjoyed it.
Preparation time: 2 mins
Cooking time: nil
Recipe type: drink
Cuisine: Indian
Serve: 1
Author: Babitha


Blueberries-1\2 cup
milk-1 cup (Boiled & chilled)
Sugar-2 tsp(optional)


1. To the blender add blueberries,milk, sugar( if adding) and blend well.

2. Pour it to glass and serve immediately.

Picture updated on 27/06/19.


  1. that is one good thing about Dubai, you get each and everything here... :) never bought blueberries though I keep seeing them, delicious milkshake...

  2. simple yet filling milkshake

  3. Healthy refreshing drink. Loved it.


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