Lemon Mojito | Lemon Mint Mojito | Virgin Mojito

When we went to pondicherry in January we saw this mojito drink  in a hotel menu card but i didnot try it.Last week when i had a bunch of mint leaves i decided to try this drink to taste it.Actually i didnot have any drop to indulge since my daughter finished it all.We can use  some alcohol like rum/vodaka in it,since this is made without alcohol it is called virgin mojito.Do give a try this easy drink.

  • Mint springs-3 r 4
  • Lemon-1
  • Carbonated drink/ soda- 1,i used 7up

lemon mint mojito

1.Remove the mint leaves of the stem and wash it well.

2.Place them in a glass along with some lemon juice and muddle it well.

3.Pour chilled carbonated drink in to it.Add some lemon wedges and serve immediately.


  1. Looking at the glass is making me thirsty...

  2. looks so refreshing. Wish I could reach out for it through the computer.

  3. This looks so refreshing. With those mint leaves, can imagine how great it would taste. Feel like picking up your glass and have it.

  4. refreshing and nice presentation

  5. looks very the way you presented


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