Rava/Sooji Vegetable Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Now a days i started buying bread often since my daughter like to have sandwich which she makes by herself.For one fine morning as i was thinking what to make for breakfast i remembered a TV show featuring about this sooji/rava toast and made this for breakfast.Do try its very filling and tasty.


  • Brown bread slices
  • Rava/sooji-1\3 cup
  • Curd/yogurt-1\4 cup
  • Grated carrot-2 tbsp
  • green chilly-1 finely chopped
  • coriander leaves
  • salt to taste
  • butter-as needed


1.Add rava/sooji,curd,grated carrot,green chilly,salt in to bowl and mix it well.(add little water if needed).

2.Take a bread slice apply little butter on it and spread some of this mix over it and place it over a hot tawa/griddle.Wait for some time till it get cooked well.

3.When done remove from tawa and repeat for all slices.

Cut it diagonally and serve as such or with tomato ketchup.


1.You add vegetables of your choice like cabbage,capsicum,etc.

2.You can use white bread too.

3.This can be done in sandwich toaster also but i want to do it tawa since all can do it.


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