Rice Flour Sweet Balls | Ottu Maavoo Urundai | Our native recipes

This recipe is my in-laws side famous sweet.People who comes around the sea shore village in kanyakumari must have heard about this one which is quite popular over there and they make this usually during the last week of lent reason to eat it on good Friday.Last week when i ground a huge batch of rice flour i decided to make this and blog about it.Its very easy and "ulakkai " a bigger from of  mortar padestal is used for  binding the ingredients together but now since we can't find if we can use mixer/mixie too.Do give a try and let me know.


  • Raw rice- 2 cup
  • palm jaggery ( karupatti)- 1 cup ( crushed) (adjust)
  • grated coconut-3\4 cup
  • cardamon powder-1\2 tsp
  • dry ginger powder-1\2 tsp


1.Clean the rice well and soak for 20 mins.Then drain and dry it under shade for some hours.It must be little wet .Add it to the mixer and powder it.sieve the powder and run the mixer again with the granules u get.

2.Do the same for all rice.( since i made a huge batch of rice flour i got the previous step in the rice mill itself.).

3.Add the rice flour,grated coconut in a dry thick bottomed vessel and fry till little of the moisture in the rice vanishes.Cool a bit.

4.then add this along with crushed palm jaggery,cardamon and ginger powder to the mixer.Run the mixer in pulse mode for few seconds till everything binds wells.

5.Then take it out and make balls immediately,

Tasty and healthy ottu mavoo urundai is ready.

Stays goods for more than a week.


1.Traditionally it is made in ulakkai.If you have use it else use mixer.

2.While adding the roasted flour to the mixer it should be hot which is very important.


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