Thinnai / Foxtail millet String Hoppers | Healthy Millet Breakfast

foxtail millet  string hoppers

We all know the health benefit of millets and i no need to repeat it again some it are it is rich in fibre,low in carbohydrates and full of intake millets atleast a meal a day.We can make almost all south Indian breakfast recipes with it and this one string hoppers/ idiyaappam is my kids favourite.


  • Thinnai/ foxtail millet flour- 1 cup( i used store brought)
  • Rice flour-1\2 cup
  • salt-to taste
  • hot water- as needed
  • oil- 1 tbsp


1.Dry roast thinnai flour for a while .then add rice flour salt and oil to it.Boil some water and slowly add to it and form a non sticky dough.

2.Fill the presser with the dough and press it on a idli plate on on mat as i have and steam it in idli pot.

3.When done carefully remove from the plate and do the same for all dough.

Serve hot with any veg or non-veg gravy.

we like to have it with simple red chutney too.

Healthy cooking ;)and Happy eating <:-P


  1. Very healthy idiyappam. looks yummy. Happy Easter dear.

  2. love this healthy version of idiyappam..looks yumm..Happy Easter dear


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