Vegetable Brinji | Easy One pot meal | Easy Lunch box ideas

Making one pot meal is so easy as it save time mainly we don't need to worry about what to make for side gravy as this one pot meal can be served with simple onion raitha or as such.this vegetable brinji is some what similar to vegetable biryani except that this is cooked in coconut milk.

Chala meen fry /சால மீன் வறுவல் | Sardine Fish fry | Mathi Meen Vaaruval

 Fish is one of our staple food and at least for a meal we use to have this.My husband can't eat a meal without it,but my children are not that much interested in it and for me its not that necessity i can manage with anything.Sometimes my kids prefers fish fry rather than kuzhambu/gravy so i make mostly fry with fish.I don't make my fish fry so hectic with more ingredients where else it will be very simple.Do try this easy fry which we had for lunch yesterday along with rasam and brinjal thooku.

Sweet Lassi | Summer Drink

Temperature in Chennai is gradually raising since 21st May and its very difficult to bear it.As our apartment in the top most in our building its really becoming tough to be in day time and to work in kitchen.I prefer quick meals during these days and keep us hydrated with more fluids rather  than spicy one.This lassi is one of the famous north Indian drink.To say the truth i have never tasted lassi in any shop/restaurant.Its because of this blog i enjoy trying and indulging it.

Rasmalai | Indian Sweet Recipe | How to make rasmalai

To celebrate any event a sweet distributed which is very common.When my daughter's result was published i made this sweet to share our happiness with others.Need for me to say a reason to make sweet..hehehe.
Rasmalai,is nothing but soft rasgullas in thickened sweet saffron milk.Taste best when served chilled.

Apple Halwa | Indian Sweet Recipe | step by step pictures

After enjoying a month in Dubai we are back to Chennai and we really miss that country,the clean road,loaded hyper markets,malls and the people too who pay way first for the local to cross the street which is the best thing i admired the  most there.After landing Chennai airport while we were moving to the vehicle the cab drivers were rushing out & not waiting for the people to cross/walk.We have to learn a lot from there.I don't want to write more about our stay there and lets us go on to today's recipe which my favourite , yes its a sweet.Halwa is mostly liked by all and in this recipe i have used apple to make it.With no further delay lets go to the recipe.

Pineapple- Mango Smoothie | Drink Recipe

Since its holiday my kids are sleeping past morning which often make me confuse what to cook for me alone for breakfast.Some times i make slight meal some times fruits.When i had pineapple and mango i decided to make smoothie out of it for my breakfast.I had a doubt first how it will be but after relishing it i can say its filling,tasty and have a try when you are lazy to make breakfast.

Avocado kebabs | Avocado Cutlets

Avocado kebab ,the recipe which i found online while searching for some recipes with it.Most called to make a dip and salad while very few sites had other options and this is one of it.When i had some left over avocado after making guacamole i made this kebab which was very tasty which can be had as such with some ketchup.Even if the kids who don't like the dip will surely like this.

Sunny Orange Lemonade | Orange Lemonade Recipe | Summer Drink

Drinking fresh juice really taste far far better than packed one.I am enjoying all kinds of fresh juices while my stay here in Dubai.If you love tangy taste then this drink is a treat for you.

Guacamole Recipe | Avocado dip Recipe

Yesterday when my husband got few avocado first thought that strikes my thought was to make this dip as i have never ever tasted or had avocado.This is the first time i saw,made and tasted.I just loved it to the core.It can served as dip for chips or best combo for barbeque.I had some left over dips which i just mixed with rice and had which too was good.

Green apple pickle | Instant pickle | Spiced green apple

We all know apple is the healthiest food a person can eat.As the saying goes ,an apple a day keeps doctor away.There are many variety of apples and red apple id the most common one which is sweet whereas there are some variety which are sour and this green apple falls to that category.Green apple has many health benefits than the red one but many hesitate to eat it as it is sour.I too don't like its taste but when i made this spiced version i totally enjoyed it.

Rose Lassi | Sweet Lassi | Summer Drink

Lassi is a yogurt based drink which is mostly sweet and rarely salted..We can make variety of lassi either with fruit based or flavoured based.Here i am sharing an easy rose flavoured based sweet lassi which has an attractive pink colour.

Dates Milkshake | Healthy Drink

I need not say the health benefits of dates as we all know about it.Loaded with nutrients its the best food for anaemic patients because of it high iron content.Here in gulf countries we can see many varieties of dates and when i ask ny kids to eat them they refuse it.So i decided to make milkshake with some added ice cream i and my daughter loved it to the core  while my son who is picky eater refused it.To say the truth it was too good.Do try to eat dates daily.