Dates Milkshake | Healthy Drink

I need not say the health benefits of dates as we all know about it.Loaded with nutrients its the best food for anaemic patients because of it high iron content.Here in gulf countries we can see many varieties of dates and when i ask ny kids to eat them they refuse it.So i decided to make milkshake with some added ice cream i and my daughter loved it to the core  while my son who is picky eater refused it.To say the truth it was too good.Do try to eat dates daily.


  • Dates-5 to 7
  • warm milk-1\4 cup
  •  chilled milk-1 cup
  • ice cream-1 big scoop ( i used kulfi flavour)


1.De seed the dates and chop it.Soak it in warm milk for some time.

2.To the mixer/blender add the soaked dates with that milk,chilled milk,and the ice cream.Blend it well.

3.Pour in to glass and serve.

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