Guacamole Recipe | Avocado dip Recipe

Yesterday when my husband got few avocado first thought that strikes my thought was to make this dip as i have never ever tasted or had avocado.This is the first time i saw,made and tasted.I just loved it to the core.It can served as dip for chips or best combo for barbeque.I had some left over dips which i just mixed with rice and had which too was good.


  • Avocado-1
  • onion-1
  • tomato-1
  • green chilly-1 finely chopped,
  • pepper powder-1 tsp
  • lemon -1
  • coriander leaves,chopped
  • salt-to taste


1.Take a avocado which has black skin which means it is nicely ripe.Cut it ,remove the seed and scoop out the flesh.Mash it well.

2.Chop onion and tomato well.Add this to the mashed avocado.

3.Then add in pepper,salt and mix well.

4.Lastly add the juice of lemon,mix and serve.

Tasty dip for any chips is ready.


  1. it is good to see that you are trying all that you can from here... :) lovely dip...


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