Rasmalai | Indian Sweet Recipe | How to make rasmalai

To celebrate any event a sweet distributed which is very common.When my daughter's result was published i made this sweet to share our happiness with others.Need for me to say a reason to make sweet..hehehe.
Rasmalai,is nothing but soft rasgullas in thickened sweet saffron milk.Taste best when served chilled.

Rasgullas-8 to 10 Check here for homemade)
Milk-1\2 litre( full cream milk will be best)
sugar-1\2 cup
saffron-few strands
Badam & pistachio- 1 tbsp each


1.Soak badam in hot water for sometime,peel the skin and chop it.De shell pistachio and chop it also.

2.Heat milk.When it boil take little milk in a pan and add saffron strands in to it.

3.Boil the milk it it reduces to half the quantity.Mean while take the rasgulla and squeeze the excess sugar syrup inside it with the fingers,be gentle.

4.When the milk has reduced add sugar,saffron milk ,crushed cardamon and half of pista and badam to it.When the milk has thickened switch off.

5.Place the rasgulla in a bowl and pour the thickened milk mixture to it.While serving top it with the remaining  nuts and serve.

Tastes best when served chilled.


  1. Congrats to you all...Rasmalai look super delish ..nice clicks too

  2. congrats to your daughter Rasmalai looks delicious.

  3. we always look for an occasion to celebrate so that we can have something sweet.Lovely rasmalai.

  4. Congrats to you all. Rasmalai is my fav, lovely!

  5. Perfect sweet treat for this Diwali.. Yummy!!


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