Sunny Orange Lemonade | Orange Lemonade Recipe | Summer Drink

Drinking fresh juice really taste far far better than packed one.I am enjoying all kinds of fresh juices while my stay here in Dubai.If you love tangy taste then this drink is a treat for you.
Preparation time: under 10 mins
makes: a tall glass

  • Orange juice-1\2 cup (from 2 oranges)
  • Lemon juice from one 
  • Sugar-2 tsp ( adjust)
  • water-1\2 cup
  • ice cubes-for serving (optional)


1.Squeeze orange and lemon juices seperately using the juicer.

2.In a pitcher add in both juices,sugar,water and mix well.

3.Pour in to glass and serve immediately either chilled with ice cubes or as such.

Drink healthy and stay fit.


1.You can even add orange and lemon peels  to it for more punch.


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