Sabja Lemonade | Sweet Basil seeds Lemonade

Climate in Chennai is playing hide & seek sometimes hot and sometime cool.Mostly days are hot and day end are cool a bit with pleasant breeze.Although the temperature is not so as it was during peak summer but we feel a bit dehydrated in noon.So to chill my day time i go on with juices and lemonade.I had a pack of sabja seeds unnoticed for a long time which i actually bought to try falooda,another famous cold beverage in our country.These seeds which look like black sesame seeds has many good qualities.When soaked in water it becomes jelly like absorbing the water and gives a crunchy feel with bland taste. It is the best coolant and can be used in any cold drink.Made lemonade with this sweet basil seeds.

Mango and Custard Verrines | Mango Recipe

If you are looking for any easy dessert with mango then this mango custard verrines comes in handy.With layered custard and mango makes an easy dessert to chill out the sweet carving.There is no restriction in the number of layers.Go ahead and try this easy dessert and surprise your family.

Dubai,a place to see

Dubai is one of the most popular city in United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is located in the southeast coast of Persian gulf.I had been there for two times and i still long to go there.With the well maintained roads and the traffic rules followed there caught my first attraction.With not much travel time from India you won’t get tired while or after reaching there.

Here i would like to share some places i visited there during my short stay.

Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich | Easy Breakfast/ Dinner

   Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich | Easy Breakfast/ Dinner

Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich with step by step pictures.
I wanted to try this pesto with spinach for a long time and it got fulfilled last week.For one afternoon made this pesto with the healthy green, spinach which in turn applied to the bread to be grilled for the sandwich.It was super quick and easy recipe too. Do make a batch of this pesto and include it where all you can.

Oats Adai Dosai | Oats Lentils crepes | Oats Recipe

I don't need to mention the health benefits of oats as we all know about it and it is very good for diabetic people too.Dal/lentils along with with oats make it more nutritious and when we make it as crepes its easy to eat it.Serve this crepes with any spicy chutney/dip .

Whole Wheat Mushroom Pizza | Healthy Pizza Recipe

After my basic pizza sauce recipe here come the pizza recipe.This is healthy compared to my first baked pizza since the base with made only with wheat flour.I actually made this for after school snack then had half of it for dinners as it was too heavy as snack for kids.

Pizza sauce | Basic sauce Recipe

Last week a day when i decided  to bake a pizza after a long gap  using wheat flour many recipe for for pizza sauce which i don't have.My previously baked one is simple vegetable pizza.While googling saw many ways of preparing it and concluded to make my own way and use it in my wheat pizza ( recipe follows next).One best thing about homemade is that we are totally clear what we use in making it  and its preservatives free.

Peanut Chaat | Protein packed snack | Zero Oil Recipe

Peanuts are protein packed food rich in amino acids which helps in proper growth and development of body.It also helps in fighting many illness like stomach cancer,regulates sugar,good for skin,fight depression and so on.For after school snack i just pressure cook it and give my kids.

Some natural tips for flawless skin

Every women or girls dream is to have a pimple free,soft ,radiant and glowing skin as they see in commercials.But do all have such, the answer will be mostly no.Very few people are blessed with a clear and beautiful skin and i would say they are very lucky person.I just stare at the  people who pass by having a soft supple face  and admire them a lot.

The climate in our region too make our skin looks dull and toned.We need to take great measures to protect our skin from all the climatic changes we go through.Skin type also plays a major role to get good look.

People with normal skin,i would say they are blessed, because their skin are pimple free and mostly their skin don’t have much effect on using various cosmetic.But a bad thing is that very soon they may lose the oiliness in their face which make them look dull.Hence people with normal skin have to use a moisturiser regularly to keep it young.Applying olive oil daily also make their skin look good.

Watermelon Milkshake | Easy Milkshake

watermelon milkshake

We all make milkshakes with many fruits and sometimes with veggies too.Kids never  fuss to drink any milkshake and the same with this too.When i bought a full watermelon we was left with 3\4 of its in fridge and i was worried what to do with it.When i googled up say many recipes and decided to go with this milk shake.When i made this each of my kids drank two cups each and there was a fight between make this simple and tasty drink.

Rainbow Cupcakes | Kids Party Special

When i bought blue food colour  a year back my plan was to make  rainbow cake or cup cake but it never happened.All needs a time for it to happen  and my long awaited plan happened last week when i baked this cup cakes for an evening snack.It was fun to work with colours and kids enjoy mixing it.I adapted this recipe from allrecipes with slight changes in the ingredients.I don't have red food colour hence used strawberry pink also while mixing for purple i made more blue colour then mixed some pink and got a darkest shade of green.Be careful while adding colours.Do try this your kids.

Quail / Kadai Egg Masala | Side dish for Roti /Naan (Indian Flat Bread)

quail egg masala

Last Friday when we went to a wholesale egg shop i saw a board saying "Kadai egg is available here" and was curious to ask the details about it.When asked he showed a small box with 12 cute eggs and i immediately bought a box.Ever since i bought that my son was eagerly waiting for recipe to be done with it.While searching web i found that this egg type though small in size has nutritional values three or four times greater then normal eggs.Unlike chicken eggs,quail eggs does not cause any allergies and helps in fighting those allergy symptoms.When i made this gravy/masala it tasted too good and i decided to but it often.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil-Product Review | #FirstLove activity of Blogadda

Imagine a world if there is no children,really it would be hell.Children brings life and meaning to our living,there remain the world for most parent including me.When a baby is born there is no words to express it for a couple as they are now a parent  and a new life ,bundle of joy bliss dwells in their hands, i can assure there will be a sure happiness as i have personally experienced it .Whenever i feed my kid or curdle in my lap i used to keep on rubbing their soft tender skin with my hand as it is very smooth and soft.

Raspberry Lemonade Fizz | Summer drink

Fizz is a mixed drink ( cocktail) .It generally uses acidic juices (like lemon or lime) and carbonated water. {source wikipedia }.When i was in Dubai i got a small box if lovely beauties which i ate few as such and was wandering what to do with some.While googling i found many drink and ended up making a fizz.Many fizz drink uses gin but i didnot use it here.Also you can see in one cup its forthy as i added more carbonated drink in to it.My version was not very dilute so if you prefer watery consistency then dilute it.I just made a simple sugar syrup with water & milk,you can skip it add sugar and water as such.

Mango Lassi | Mango Recipes | Summer special

mango lassi

Lassi is a famous north Indian which uses yogurt as main ingredients.There are many variety of it in my little space too i have two variety of it, strawberry lassi ,rose  lassi&sweet lassi,Apart from it there salted lassi,any fruits mixed with yogurt ,many type depends one's innovation.Lets check how to make this simple drink.

Banana Choc chips Muffins | Eggless & Butterless

Anything with banana is my favourite and i even love the fruit banana as such. But my kids hate the fruit,i have to compel them to eat it due to my force they eat now and then.Then too there are time when i was left with some over ripped bananas in my pantry and when i see them the first thing that strike my thought is to bake with it.Last week when there were few over riped fruit  i made this muffin with added chocolate which is my son's favourite.