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Imagine a world if there is no children,really it would be hell.Children brings life and meaning to our living,there remain the world for most parent including me.When a baby is born there is no words to express it for a couple as they are now a parent  and a new life ,bundle of joy bliss dwells in their hands, i can assure there will be a sure happiness as i have personally experienced it .Whenever i feed my kid or curdle in my lap i used to keep on rubbing their soft tender skin with my hand as it is very smooth and soft.

As the infant's skin is so delicate and tender special care is needed for it and oil massaging is one method which has many benefits,

  • first it help to build up great bondage between mom and child
  • it relax the body of the child
  • helps to improve skin tone
  • it also boost the weight of the child.
  • regular massage help baby to sleep well.

When to avoid massage:

  • Avoid massaging when the child is not well.
  • If the child becomes upset or fall asleep stop massaging.

Massaging with oil is best before bath and a good oil is to be used for it.When blogadda announces an activity #FirstLove i applied for with no hope since i had never been selected for any such things before from blogadda.When i got a mail saying that i have been selected for this activity i was overwhelmed since it's my first one. Within a week i got the product Dabur baby massage oil to be reviewed.

Packing and appearance:

Unlike other massage oil Dabur baby massage oil come with a neat sealed pet bottle with a small carton outside featuring a baby elephant picture.The box appears cute with the picture and the product is from a reputed company and its is dermatologically tested for skin safety.

Ingredients in the oil:

The main ingredient in it olive and almond oil along with sesame,sunflower and jojoba oils.Added fragrance and antioxidants like Tocopheryl Acetate & TBHQ are also present in it.
All the products in it are natural and the oil is free from paraffins.No artificial colour is added to the oil which is a very good information and make it safe.

Storage and price:

This oil must be stored away from direct sunlight. Price of 100ml dabur baby massage oil  costs around Rs.110.00

My view about the product:

When i first sealed open the bottle the aroma was quite pleasing and the oil pale yellow in colour.My son was curious so  and i applied it to him.When massaged it gives a shiny look for the skin.May be if  used prolonged it may increase the skin tone making it more supple.

As mentioned in the pack “as pure as mothers love” this oil too is so pure and remain true to the mention.


-  All natural products and free from paraffins.
- Tested for  skin safety.
- Price is quite reasonable and is easily affordable by all.
- no artificial colour in it


-I found it takes more time to absorb in the skin
-Also i feel it little sticky in skin on application.

 I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity atBlogAdda.


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  2. Oil massage to the babies is a common thing which is done with each and every baby around the world. As the baby skin is very smooth like flowers, we need to check the oil quality first. How much popular the oil is and what are the ingredients that are involved in the product and how much useful it will be? Everything you should know before applying it to the thin skin of your baby. Take the help of some experienced persons who’ve used that product before or do your own research by taking the help of the internet. Anyways, you’ve written a nice review on this Dabur baby massage oil.
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