Mango and Custard Verrines | Mango Recipe

If you are looking for any easy dessert with mango then this mango custard verrines comes in handy.With layered custard and mango makes an easy dessert to chill out the sweet carving.There is no restriction in the number of layers.Go ahead and try this easy dessert and surprise your family.
Preparation time: 5 mins
cooking time: under 10  mins
Makes: 3 one shot glass

  • Mango-1 
  • Custard powder- 2 tsp ( vanilla flavoured)
  • sugar-3 tsp( adjust)
  • milk-1 cup


1.Peel and chop mango pieces.Add in to a mixer/blender and make a thick puree.Reserve few pieces for topping.

2.Ta 1\4 cup milk add custard powder and mix well.Boil remaining milk.When it boils add in sugar and mix well.Add the custard mix  to it and keep stirring till it becomes thick.Switch a bit.

3.Layer the custard mix and mango puree alternatively in the serving glass.Place the chopped mango pieces on top and chill it.

Tasty mango custard verrines is ready.


1.Use fibre less mango variety.i used banganapalli which was so sweet.


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