Some natural tips for flawless skin

Every women or girls dream is to have a pimple free,soft ,radiant and glowing skin as they see in commercials.But do all have such, the answer will be mostly no.Very few people are blessed with a clear and beautiful skin and i would say they are very lucky person.I just stare at the  people who pass by having a soft supple face  and admire them a lot.

The climate in our region too make our skin looks dull and toned.We need to take great measures to protect our skin from all the climatic changes we go through.Skin type also plays a major role to get good look.

People with normal skin,i would say they are blessed, because their skin are pimple free and mostly their skin don’t have much effect on using various cosmetic.But a bad thing is that very soon they may lose the oiliness in their face which make them look dull.Hence people with normal skin have to use a moisturiser regularly to keep it young.Applying olive oil daily also make their skin look good.

One with oily and sensitive skin like me are the cursed one since  infection from any immediately show its  results in their face.Blackheads,pimples,uneven skin tone,allergies are some problem they face often.Also due to the sensitivity the use  of cosmetic must be limited or to be tested before using them.

Dry skin people should take more care during winter and it may  cause more dryness .Regular application of oil is a must for them in all season.Apart from this while selecting cosmetic for them they must select the one especially for dry skin.

Our kitchen is loaded with many natural ingredients for our skin ,face and hair.Here i would like to share some natural skin tips which i follow  and some i suggest other to do.

1.Daily cleanse the clean well.If using a cleanser its fine else you can use even milk to cleanse it.cleansing remove all the impurities from skin.Just dip a small cotton ball in milk and wipe the face and neck well.

2.Once a week steam your face which help to open the pores and remove all the dirt's clogged inside it.By doing this way one can eliminate blackheads and White heads from face.

3.After steaming use a ice cube to close the open pores.

4.For a polished and soft skin make a paste with rice powder and rose water.Apply this pack on face and wait for it to dry.Then wash well with plenty of water.Doing this regularly make the skin radiant.

5.To increase the skin tone apply  honey with  a pinch baking powder and olive oil.This is clear the uneven skin tone and make skin brighter.

6.Drink plenty of water.Avoid junk and oily foods.Include more fruits and vegetables.Regular eating of yellow fruits/vegetables like orange,carrot,pumpkin,etc increases the skin colour.

7.To exfoliate the dead cells from skin oats comes in handy.Make a paste of oats and milk,scrub well on the skin using circular motion,wait for it to dry and clean it.

8.While choosing any cosmetic for skin select the product which suits your skin type and don’t go for cheap one which will may spoil your face.

Lastly its very safe to use Vicco Turmeric cream as it only has natural ingredients like turmeric which is believed as antiseptic from ancient time and gives a problem free skin.

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