Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich | Easy Breakfast/ Dinner

   Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich | Easy Breakfast/ Dinner

Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich with step by step pictures.
I wanted to try this pesto with spinach for a long time and it got fulfilled last week.For one afternoon made this pesto with the healthy green, spinach which in turn applied to the bread to be grilled for the sandwich.It was super quick and easy recipe too. Do make a batch of this pesto and include it where all you can.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 0mins
Recipe type: Dip
Recipe Cuisine: American
Author: Babitha
yields: a small glass bottle

For spinach pesto:

  • Spinach leaves- from 1\2 bunch ( only leaves )
  • walnut-1\4 cup
  • garlic pods- 2 r 3
  • coriander leaves-few strands
  • olive oil-1/3 cup + for topping
  • green chilly-1 
  • salt- to taste

Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich | Easy Breakfast/ Dinner


1.Clean the leaves well.Place all the ingredients in the mixer /processor and make a fine paste of it.check and adjust spice & salt as needed.

2.Transfer it to a glass container and top it with a coat of olive oil to avoid the top from discoloring.

3.Store in fridge and use it in your dishes.


1.You can even add 1\4 cup grated Parmesan cheese to it while grinding.
2.Use only the leaves to make this pesto.

Spinach pesto sandwich:

  • Brown bread
  • Spinach Pesto
  • Cheese spread or butter- here i used cheese spread
  • onion
  • Cheese Slices

( i have not given the amount for each, use as much as you prefer)


1.To a piece of bread first apply a coating of cheese spread, followed by spinach pesto and top it with onion and cheese slices.

2. Cover it with another bread and toast it in the sandwich maker or tawa in stove top.

When done serve hot as such or with any sauce.

Spinach pesto & pesto sandwich | Easy Breakfast/ Dinner


1.You can even use white bread.
2.you can add some vegetables also.


  1. really want to make pesto but due to some reasons i am postponing.love the color of the sauce there

  2. i love pesto ...your spinach pesto looks yumm and healthy too

  3. lovely and healthy version dear


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