Mini Bundt Cake | Butterscotch Bundt Cake | Eggless &Butterless

After starting to write blog i go crazy :Dover probs and baking supplies,when ever i saw any baking pan/baking accessories i immediately grab one for me.I have some collections of it yet my craze doesn't end even now if i sit down to browse i look in :-w for baking pans/dishes in online stores.This mini bundt pan i got when we went to Dubai and a pie cum bundt cake pan also.It was quite a long time i haven't used since i bought it so decided to bake a cake when i made the butterscotch sauce.Trust me both the sauce and cake was soo yummy and my daughter use to lick the sauce daily.

My Kids Creation for #ColgateMagicalStories

Like me my younger son is  also so curious about contest and prizes.When ever he see a commercial  related to this he will keep on itching me to buy the product and apply for the gift/ competition. When i said him about this contest of Colgate he immediately insists me to do it for the earliest,so to fulfil his dream i bought a pack of it .He together with his elder sister worked for it.They both did the night view of the castle twinkling  in moon and stars which they did it on a black chart.With the silver glitter pen they did stars and moon.Artificial grass were pasted for more appealing look..For lake's stone they glued some pistachio shells and painted it.

Carrot Buttermilk | Carrot Mor

Carrot ,one of the easily available vegetable and affordable by all, is loaded with nutrition and other health benefits which we don't know.Some of it are it improves vision,slows down ageing,prevent cancer and heart disease,prevent stroke,cleanses body,promotes healthy skin due to high content of Vitamin a and anti oxidants,etc.Any one who want to get a fair,clear skin try to eat carrot daily or drink juice of it.Carrot can be just eaten as raw and no need cooking.Here in this recipe i have just added some yogurt/curd and little ginger to make this butter milk.

Pomegranate Raita | Annar Raita

Sweet juicy pomegranate kernels in mildly spiced curd/yogurt gives this raita a unique taste.This goes well with any Indian rice or can be had as such.I wanted to try this raita for a long time and at last it came true a week before when i purposely kept some to make this.Not only me my kids to loved it and they had it as after school snack.

Butterscotch Sauce | Easy Homemade Butterscotch Sauce

Internet had become very useful now a day and think believe its hard to be without surfing it ,each and everyone use it in the way they want it.For me if i want to try any new recipes/stuff first i google it for days then decide how to proceed.This sauce recipes to i googled for many days then ended up making it two days before since i wish to make a cake with it for my sister's daughter.This sauce is such an easy recipe and can use to used it over ice creams or cake and one can store it in fridge for months if handed properly.

Beetroot Rice | Lunch Box Ideas | Rice Variety

Beetroot is one of the vegetable which can be eaten as raw or cooked.Rich in fibre and anti oxidants this helps to lower the blood pressure apart form this it reduces bad cholesterol,helps relieve fatigue,etc.This vegetables can be used by all age groups of people.My daughter loves this vegetable and i often make pachadi with it and sometimes just a stir fry which will tasty and easy.Packing lunch box for kids are quite challenging since it must be tasty,appealing and the child must finish it fully.Lasty week my daughter asked for this rice and i made it,both my kids liked it.Its so simple just make a stir fry  and mix the cooked rice in it.

Dal Makhani | Punjabi Dal Makhani | Side dish for Roti /Naan

Dal Makhani is one popular recipe in  north Indian  which goes well with roti,naan,paratha or any Indian flat bread variety.This is nothing but two dal variety soaked overnight ,then cooked along with some spices for favouring and taste.For a rich version cream is used but here i have substituted it with milk.

Bitter gourd /Karela Fry | Bitter Melon Fry

Bitter melon which is called bitter gourd or karela in India is one vegetable i hate from my childhood days,even after i started cooking i never buy this vegetable due to its bitter taste.My husband would keep on insist me to include this like other veggies but i never did.This is not the situation now where i started buying this and indulging it.When i made this fry even my kids love it as it does not taste bitter and they finished it off.Do try this way and feed children who hate this vegetable.

Plum Juice | Summer Drink

Whenever i buy fruits i always want to try some new recipes with it for the sake of blogging,so  with the same thought i bought few plums from the fruit vendor last week.I ate few and kept it in fridge searching for simple recipe.First thought of making jam them some baked goodies and finally ended up making this juice from here. I just love the bright colour of the drink.Do try you will be amazed by its taste & colour.

Nutella Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Kids special

An easy breakfast with the world's most favorite spread Nutella ,which will be ready in a fraction of time for busy morning hours.It can also be served as after school snack or kids snacks box.Here i have used whole wheat brown bread but you can also use white can even place a layer of fruits between them for extra nutrition.

My Best-loved playlists #MaxFreshMove activity of Blogadda

“ Where Words fails  Music speaks”

Yes,its really true.

Music really has some magic to bring about the change in  feel in each one on hearing it which may vary from different age group.Youth goes weird on fast and peppy notes while grown up adults sting on slow songs.No music means no life,yes it has the magical power to change any situation.

On seeing the video below when Allu Arjun make steps in accordance to the magical voice notes of Anushka Manchanda one will instantly get the energy to fire up.His stunning dance move makes us all to join him and dance to the music.

Instant Onion Rava Dosai | Easy Breakfast

This is my daughter's favourite recipe and when ever i am out any dough in refrigerator i opt this as breakfast during  lazy weekend.Your kitchen pantry will have the ingredients needed for it and the chopped onions in it gives a crunchy effect on biting.There may be any authentic way to make this but i do it in simple way ,just mixing,tempering and making crepes.Do give a try.

Baby massaging oils | #FirstLoveActivity of Blogadda

A baby is a wonderful blessing ,a gift from heaven, a precious little angel to cherish and to love.They are the real bundle of joy, a perfect bliss to life which no one can deny.Their skins are so delicate and soft which need special care.Massaging is one method to nourish  and improve the skin texture.It’s  like food to the infants bringing a unique bondage between mother and child.It is a lovely way to express the love and care for your baby.

Massaging has many benefits  including  relaxing,aids in weight gain,improves circulation,promotes better sleep,easing tooth pain and improves skin condition.Baby massage is a gentle,rhythmic stroking to baby with your hands.You can use any oils or moisturiser for  massaging.Although massage is good for babies one need to take more concern on the oil used for it.

Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

I am in my way of finishing off the blueberry crush which i  bought long before.Just adding lemon,chilled milk or yogurt to make different drink.Mostly i drink it plain with some chilled water which is truly tasty and yummy.Making of this drink too is  just a child's play just mix it up and drink.

Balanced Diet with Honey #HoneyDietIsDesire

Balanced diet is the one which the body all the nutrition needed to perform its function properly,which is mainly obtained from the calories  we get from grains,cereals,pulses,dairy ,fruits and vegetables.The number of calories in a meal is the amount of energy  stored in that food.Your body uses this calories for walking,talking,running and want ever you do.The average person needs 2000 calories per day to maintain his or her weight.The source of your daily calories is important as the number of calories  you consume.One must avoid or limit the consumption of empty calories that comes from sugar and solid fats  which has not nutritional value or provide less.

Cricket with UC Browser

Cricket is one of the most popular and familiar game in India which is played by different age groups in streets and corners.Although cricket is not our national game once can say this cricket looks like it claimed that position due to its over craze and popularity.
On can see people work out their event,t leaves office early to watch the scheduled match of the day and it was between our neighbour country one can see offices go void with no employees due to their craziness for that particular match.Special pooja’s and worship in religious area will be held for winning that match.Due to its huge popularity in India lots of money spin around the sport and has significant effect in country’s economy also.

Sweet Corn Sundal | Easy Snack Recipe

Sweet corn in one of the maize variety which is loved by all people.It is plucked before they are matured as maturation involves conversion of sugar to starch so as to  be eaten as vegetable rather than a grain.It is said cooked corn has anti-cancer properties to try to include it in your diet.Due to the sweet taste it is  a great hit among young ones.By adding salt & spice one can just eat the boiled corn or without spice.In this i have just tempered and added coconut for more flavor.

Happy Family #RewardMe Activity of Blogadda

As said in a saying, “A house is made of stones and woods but a home is built of love and dreams”, which is absolutely true.It's love which make our house a home.A empty house is not a home its more lively with the love and affection of parents and kids.Love is the basic foundation for a happy home. My love for my family will never depreciate not even in a small mustard size,whereas it grows day by day.Children are another happiness in my life,without them i could not even hardly imagine;their innocent mind & soul,cute smile and happy gesture anytime all brings more liveliness to a happy home.

In today’s modern living most of the families are nuclear family then a joint family.It's not fault to be a nuclear family but one main thing is that kids don’t get the love of their grandparents.Nuclear families has both advantage and disadvantage of its own.Here i like to share few tips for a happy home which are purely on my own basis and not in an intention to hurts any one.

Cooking & Me #RewardMe activity of Blogadda

I love cooking and eating.My love for cooking started when i was in my school days.Actually i started this journey just to help my mother who had bacterial infections in her nails if it get contacted with tamarind,which is mainly used in making gravy for rice.I used to help her extract the juice and there by starting helping her one by one.Side by i have learnt many tips and suggestion from my lovely mom which are very useful for me now a days as my mother collapsed fifteen years back at a very early stage of my marriage.
With out her I was like left alone in the middle of an unknown forest in my early days of marriage, which made me felt void.I had many disaster and little thumbs ups those days in my culinary effort.As said,we learn from our mistakes,i too slowly started to learn from my wrongs.
With the use of Internet  started to bloom my passion towards cooking and baking drastically increased.With the click of a button i can search any new recipes and try to reproduce it to some extent and relish in it.With the boom of wireless Internet and smart phone one can easily learn and cook immediately by watching the video simultaneously.

Homemade Natural Skin products #RewardMe Activity

Radiant,soft,smooth ,blemish and mark free skin is everyone’s wish  but in common it's not possible.The environment we live in,pollution,dust and unhealthy eating habits forms the cause of main of this skin disorders.Another reason may be the use of harmful cosmetics or  cheaper one which brings enormous side effect to the skin.
In this post i like to share few simple ingredients,homemade packs or treatments for a clear,bright skin.
Washing your face once you enter your house is a must to do ,either with a mild soap of with
mild face wash.This step removes all the dirt's and dusts which appears on the outer layer of the skin.This also help to reduce the skin tanning caused by over exposition.

Monsoon Munch

Is there anyone who doesn’t like raining
Obviously the answer will be “NO” i guess.
Yes from a child to  an adult all enjoy when it downpours.For a child raining is mere playing in the water with their handmade paper boat or whatever they get.For school going children raining means it's a holiday and they enjoy the day chatting,giggling with friends on line.For fathers it's their leisure time to watch their favourite news channels or red through a book. and really its the mother who struggle a lot to tackle all of them.

But off all one thing will remain common in all which is non other some hot,fried savoury snacks to munch during rain.In this post i would like to share about some of the best snack to eat when it downpours heavily.

Easy Coffee Frappe | Iced Coffee Frappe Recipe

I'm a die hard lover of coffee anything with the aroma of coffee immediately rejuvenate my mind and soul.Even when i bake a chocolate cake i love to add a bit of instant coffee powder to it.My day starts with a cup of hot coffee but at evening i mostly prefer chai/tea.My daughter's favourite is cold coffee which she usually love to sip when we go to some coffee outlets.Yesterday while browsing i saw this here and i tried  for my girl who really got tongue stucked while enjoying the drink.Its so simple  with just four ingredients you can make it in jiffy.

Watermelon Iced Tea | Summer Drink

Its unbearable in Chennai as the temperature is soaring high i feel little irritate to do all house hold chores but now way i have do amidst all heating woes.Coming to this recipe which i made a month before for testing how is iced tea with fruits.To say the truth it was delicious.My daughter use to pick a brand's ready mix ice tea whenever we go for grocery shopping together,but i don't like that or never tasted it.After my adventure using fruits in it I'm totally addicted to it.Give a try this summer and remain hydrated.

Some happy moments with my kids

Now a days children are  intelligent,clever and are a sure bundle of joy to their parents.I am a mother two kids and of all stage i have been i consider my role as a mother is the best.My elder daughter who is in her higher secondary schooling is a fashionista and a  branded lover.
Since she was our first child as a parent we had a special attraction towards her.I still remember those lovely days when we both shared most quality great times together.Since we too were alone  at home ,as her father was working abroad, she use to just roam about  me always.Whatever i do she keenly watch and learn.

Black Forest Trifle | Dessert Recipe

If you are person like to  indulge an easy dessert after every meal then this comes in handy.If you any left over chocolate cake make this and keep them refrigerated where you can relish them when you have  sudden carving for sweet.Last Saturday i baked a chocolate cake to make this tasty parfait  where i just made a cup having a doubt whether my kids will like it.But my guess was wrong there was fight between the both for it.So please make in large quantity if you have more kids.

Onion Vadagam Kuzhambu | Puli kuzhambu

This is an easy kuzhambu/ gravy for rice made by first frying the onion vadagam and then making the spice-tamarind water to boil in it.It is tasty,spicy and little sweeter ( by the adding of jaggery) and taste great with hot steamed rice.It can also be used as side dish for idli/dosa.

Coconut Milk Rice/pulao | Thengai paal Sadam

Its  1st July and  we are in the second half of 2015 couldn't guess how fast months move on.Although it goes the same way we all feel that days are passing  very fast.I pray that God must grant his mercy to fulfil all my resolution i took at the beginning of the year.If you too are in the same situation don't lose hope firmly believe in God and do you best and surely you will achieve it with HIS great mercy.
Sunday meal is always special with either biryani or fried rice or pulao with a must chicken/mutton/beef. Sunday while thinking what to make for lunch a thought rose to make this coconut milk rice and made it.It was super tasty with very mild spiciness and i am sure kiddos will surely like it.

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