Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

I am in my way of finishing off the blueberry crush which i  bought long before.Just adding lemon,chilled milk or yogurt to make different drink.Mostly i drink it plain with some chilled water which is truly tasty and yummy.Making of this drink too is  just a child's play just mix it up and drink.

  • Blueberry crush-1 tbsp
  • fresh yogurt-3\4 cup
  • ice cubes-few for serving( optional)


1.In a blender/mixer add everything except ice ,whip it up.

2.Pour into glass,serve with some ice cubes 

 Serve it chilled immediately.


1.You can also make it with fresh blueberries.In that case add sugar.
2.Since my crush is already sweetened i did not add sugar.


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