Butterscotch Sauce | Easy Homemade Butterscotch Sauce

Internet had become very useful now a day and think believe its hard to be without surfing it ,each and everyone use it in the way they want it.For me if i want to try any new recipes/stuff first i google it for days then decide how to proceed.This sauce recipes to i googled for many days then ended up making it two days before since i wish to make a cake with it for my sister's daughter.This sauce is such an easy recipe and can use to used it over ice creams or cake and one can store it in fridge for months if handed properly.
Cooking time : under 10 mins
Recipe source: Just taste (slightly changed)

  • Butter-2 tsp
  • Dark Brown sugar-1\3 cup
  • cream-1\3 cup ( i used nestle) use dairy cream.
  • vanilla essence-1\2 tsp


Keeping everything ready and proceed.

1.Heat butter,when it just melts add the brown sugar (keep in low flame).

2.Then add the cream to it.Keep stirring ,use whisk to do your work now.

3.At one stage it slightly thicken,switch off.Add in essence and whisk well.

Cool ,store and use it as needed.


1.This thickens on cooling so don't over boil it as it may become chewy instead of pouring consistency.

2.When using slightly heat it and use.

3.Here i have used dark brown sugar hence very dark colour.You can use light coloured variety also.


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