Watermelon Iced Tea | Summer Drink

Its unbearable in Chennai as the temperature is soaring high i feel little irritate to do all house hold chores but now way i have do amidst all heating woes.Coming to this recipe which i made a month before for testing how is iced tea with fruits.To say the truth it was delicious.My daughter use to pick a brand's ready mix ice tea whenever we go for grocery shopping together,but i don't like that or never tasted it.After my adventure using fruits in it I'm totally addicted to it.Give a try this summer and remain hydrated.


  • Watermelon pieces- 3 r 4
  • Tea bags-2
  • water-1 cup
  • lemon juice- from a lemon ( optional)
  • sugar-as needed( optional)( i didnot use)
  • ice cubes-for serving ( optional)


1.Boil a  1 cup of water.Add in tea bags to it and switch.Wait for it to brew well.Then discard the bag and keep the tea liquid in fridge till use.

2.Grind watermelon pieces in the mixer/blender.Strain it through sieve to filter seeds or any ungrounded pieces.

3.In a serving cup add some tea solution and water melon juice.Mix up.add some lemon juice & sugar ( if adding) and mix it up.

4.Serve it more chilled with some ice cubes.

Refreshing iced watermelon tea  for hot   #:-S sunny day.


1.You can avoid adding sugar if your watermelon is so sweet.( i didn't add as mine was so sweet).
2.If you want stronger taste then make thick tea decoction with more tea bags and add.


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