Boondhi Raita | How to make Boondi Raita

Hope you all had a great weekend and onam.Last five days was super busy and excited in our home not onam its my last cousin sister marriage which we had been planning for months.Then came onam,weekend and with kids at home i was not in mood to write anything.Today with both left for school though felt lonely i was still was not in spirit to blog but updating is quite necessary hence with a very simple post.

Savory Muffins | Eggless savory vegetable Muffins

I wanted to bake a savory muffins for a long time and i did it last week.With added vegetables and rava makes this muffins a perfect pair for evening tea / coffee.It so simple just sauting mixing and baking.Do give a try ,you can replace any flour for rava to a bake this.

Ginger chutney /Dip | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

Ginger which we know aid for digestion  ,high in gingerol as substance high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.Ginger can be used either in fresh or dried form.It cures stomach upsets,diarrhea,morning sickness  nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite.Try to add this ginger in any food in  you meal either while cooking or while making any beverages.This chutney is one form of eating ,if don't like the aroma of ginger it will be difficult for you to eat this,in that case add little jaggery with it.

Chakka /Jackfruit Oats Appam | Instant unniappam with Jack fruit preserve | Onam Recipes

jackfruit oats appam

With onam ,state festival of Kerala fast approaching i decided to post few onam recipe this year.When i made jackfruit preserve/jam i first think i made was this appam and that too with oats and some millets.Its super easy ,healthy and can be made instantly.

Chicken Pasta in Tomato-Red Wine Sauce

Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.Typically pasta is a noodles made with durum wheat flour mixed with water and formed in to different sheets or various size which is then cooked and form various dishes.Pastas may be available in two categories fresh and dried.Fresh pasta are traditionally produced by hands with a aid of simple machine where else dried pasta commercially produced by food extrusion process.

Basic pasta dough is made with wheat flour or semolina with durum wheat used mainly  in south Italy.Other grains like barley,buckwheat,rye,rice and even chestnut and chickpeas flour were regionally used.

Andhra Pesarattu | Whole Moong Dal Dosa | Indian Breakfast Recipe

pesarattu dosa

Pesarattu is one of Andhra's delicacies which is made with moong dal and no urad dal is added to it.It is nutritious and high in fibre. While searching i read that this dosa is served along with upma in restaurants there but i just serve with coconut chutney.Since it has more fibre it will be hard to eat more that two and make us feel full in stomach. Fermentation is not required for this dosa variety you directly make dosa once you ground the batter only the soaking time. Do try this healthy dosa with mung beans.

Eggless Pumpkin Pancakes | Pumpkin Recipe | Easy Breakfast

pumpkin pancakes

 This pumpkin pancakes was in my do-to list for a long time and it came true yesterday.Yes , i tried this in small quantity for kids after school snack and it was super easy.I  made it with maida/plain flour but if you wish you can use wheat flour too.

Jackfruit Preserve | Chakka Varati | Jackfruit Jam

I love all kerala delicacies and i don't know why  may be because i was born and brought near to that state and the taste of coconut oil makes me carve for their food.This preserve with jack fruit is also one of Kerala's recipe which they make and keep it for further use when they get jack fruit in abundances.I adopted this recipe slightly from here.I have plans to make two new recipes with and will post it as i prepare.

Jelly Milkshake | Cornflakes -Jelly Milkshake

jelly milkshake

This drink is so simple to make and taste awesome which is  idle for people who skip their breakfast.With cornflakes in it ,it not only taste yummy but make you feel full in tummy also.While browsing kelloggs website i got this recipe.Here i have added pineapple jelly but you can add you own jelly flavour and make the drink more yummylicious.

Shahi Paneer Masala with Eastern Ready to Cook Masala | Side dish for Roti / Indian Flat Bread

shahi paneer masala
When i got few packets of Eastern masala of their newly introduced one i was super excited to try it out in my kitchen.Some of it were regular masalas like sambar powder,pepper chicken powder but there were some packets of 3 step easy cooking masala where one just have to mix it in the  needed solution, cook and serve.I just loved this version of masala were we don't need to think whether our pantry is stocked up with necessary masala powders of that concerned dish since this ready to cook pack have all in it.

Murugappa groups Baking Contest | Madras Week 2015

 Murugappa ,one of the oldest and leading company controlling stakes in number of small companies in  engineering,cycles,agro products,fertilisers, insurance and financial services has decided to celebrate Madras week 2015 with some exciting events. Murugappa group in association with Old Madras Baking Company  brings before you  Baking Madras contest with a twist.

Falafel Recipe | Middle East street Food

Falafel is nothing but deep fried balls made with ground chick peas and spices which is one of the commonly eaten food in middle east.This is usually served in pita bread,which act as pocket or wrapped in flat bread.Falafel is topped with salads, hot sauce,pickled vegetables or tahini-based sauces.It tastes some what similar to our paruppu vada and make perfect pair with tea/coffee.

Prawn Vegetable Fried Rice | Easy One Pot Meal

This is an easy one pot meal which has both veg and non-veg.One can have it just like that or if any only add up some spice curries to make it spicy.Since it is mildly spiced it can be served for children for their lunch box.