Ginger chutney /Dip | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

Ginger which we know aid for digestion  ,high in gingerol as substance high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.Ginger can be used either in fresh or dried form.It cures stomach upsets,diarrhea,morning sickness  nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite.Try to add this ginger in any food in  you meal either while cooking or while making any beverages.This chutney is one form of eating ,if don't like the aroma of ginger it will be difficult for you to eat this,in that case add little jaggery with it.
Preparation time: 2 mins
cooking time: 5 mins
serves: 2-3

  • toor dal- 1 tsp
  • urad dal- 1 tbsp
  • red chilly- 2( adjust)
  • Ginger- 2 inch length.
  • Tamarind- very small berry size
  • salt t- taste
  • oil-1 tsp
  • jaggery-little( optional)


1.Heat oil in pan and roast both dals with red chilly till a nice aroma from dal comes.Then take it aside.
2.Peel,clean and chop ginger in to pieces.In the same oil saute it for some time.Cool a bit.

3.Add all roasted things in to mixer/processor  to grind to fine paste along with salt,tamarind,jggery(if using) and little water.

Serve for idli/dosa ,it taste good with andhra pesrattu also.


1.Adjust red chilly accordingly.but be careful even ginger too have some hotness.

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