Holiday of Royal Family #ColgateMagicalStories

When i got a first pack of Colgate it had the magical castle inside and my kids made the night view of  the castle with it.You can check more details about it here. My son keep on nudging me to to buy other packets of Colgate to try different themes and to fulfil his desire i started haunting for it in many shops and got it.

When they opened the pack with royal family they both decided to do a beach theme and story goes like this,

There lived a king and a queen who had tow children a girl and boy.Under the king's rule the kingdom was peaceful and calm.People are free to visit the king at any time and as k for help and other necessity.The king was kind-hearted,polite,humble and brave as well and stole the heart of all people in his kingdom.Due to heavy work loads the king together with his family decided to take a break from routine life and enquired it with their children.After discussion they planned to go for a holiday and went.

Some pictures of it,

Here is the view of  the royal family relaxing in a beach one evening. <:-P

Video in making it,

The holiday made them rejuvenate and refreshed.

Hope you all like what my kids did . :)

Thank you Colgate for giving this opportunity to mingle more with kids.

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