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Oats buttermilk with step by step pictures.

Oats ,which is considered as a healthy cereal,helps to reduce cholesterol and is a apt cereal for weight watchers.The content of beta glucan,unique soluble fibre,make this oats a healthiest cereal grain.I got this recipe on the pack of a branded oats pack and tried it yesterday which turned out super tasty and healthy.

Preparation time: under 10 mins
Cooking time: 1 mins
Recipe type: summer  drink
makes: 1 big glass


  • Oats- 2 tbsp
  • curd/yogurt-1\2 cup
  • water- 1 cup
  • roasted jeera powder- 1\2 tsp + plus top dust
  • salt- taste
  • coriander leaves-to garnish ( i didnot add as it was out off stock in my fridge)


1.Slightly roast the oats in  dry pan for few seconds in low flame,don't burn it.Cool a bit.First powder it.

2.Then add  water,curd,jeera powder & salt and blend it well.

3.Dilute as per your need.
4.Pour in to serving glass top with some jeera powder  & coriander  leaves.

Serve immediately.


You can also use few mint leaves while blending.


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